[On hold too many beta changes] Immortal Cycloner 2.0 200% Life, 6 Auras, 87%+ all res 79% Chaos

Immortal Cycloner Build for The Awakening

Hello everyone, first of all let me say, this is the first build I made and it needs some of the items which will be added in The Awakening. Same goes for the Skilltree which is already as in the Beta. Furthermore I didn't test everything I will mention in this build, but it should work theoretically after the research I've done. Don't hate on any mistakes I did, but I appreciate your feedback, be it bad or good.

General Idea:

What we are aiming for with this build is high Life, high Resistances (88% Fire, 87% Cold, 87% Lightning and 79% Chaos) while having decent Dmg. This build is good for solo play as well as for parties, since you can adjust it easily. Sustaining 6 Auras in Solo play (3 Purities and 3 Heralds or 2 Heralds with one of those Grace/Haste/Anger/Hatred) [ and abusing those 6 buffs with the jewel Mantra of Force by gaining a lot flat Physical Dmg. ] (Note: After some research Mantra of Force was change to Mantra of Flame with the same stats but disabled? (confirmed by theuberelite when asking him) I expect future rebalance to Fire Dmg, why else would they change the name, would still use it in that case even tho it would be way weaker. GGG mentioned while some uniques will be removed completely, some are just disabled while being fixed. Check updates at the bottom for links.)
With your roughly +60% Buff Effect from your Skilltree, Conqueror's Potency and Ichimonji, The Purities will give you about 70% all Res as well as the Heralds will provide you with 60% more dmg. On top of that the Purities will give you +8% max Res. You are very tanky with your high Life pool, Res and Fortify, as well as being able to become a real tank and buff boy for your party with just a little adjustment. In teamplay you're gonna lose 1% max Res, since you can't use your Ichimonji in a party, but you will swap your 2 Heralds and your other Aura (just keeping the Purities on) for Vitality and Grace to become very tanky.

Here's a link to the Aura Calculation: Mikelat's Aura Calculator

- Very very tanky
- Decent Damage which can be easily adjusted with Auras/Jewels however you wish
- Basically unkillable, despite you do smth stupid
- Aura Boy and taunting tank for parties if needed with few adjustments

- Might lack some dmg sometimes especially if you lack gear/gems
- Very gear-demanding
- Not the easiest to level up

First of all here is the Skilltree:

Passive skill tree build

Since you can't see the stats properly and this beta Skilltree somehow changes the language sometimes, I will sum up what you get.

+230% Melee Physical DMg+One-Handed Weapon Dmg+While Wielding a Shield all together since that is what you are supposed to use with that build anyway I won't list it seperately.
+84 Flat Life
+193% increased Max Life
+20% Chaos Res
+78% increased Aura Radius
+5,8% Max Life Regen/Sec
+410 Strength
+40 Int
+100 Dex
+108% increased Armor
+10 Armor
+34% AS
+6% Cast Speed
+6% increased Movement Speed
+102% increased Evasion Rating
+50 Evasion
+16% All Res
+8% Fire Res
+1% Max Fire Res
+14% Spell Dmg
3 Jewel Sockets
Resolute Technique
Ignore Movement Penalty from Armour
Enemies can't Life Leech from you
49% Increased Buff Effect Nodes
34% Reduced Reserved Mana

So basically we got a lot of Life and increased Melee Dmg for the core of our build. The most crucial part tho is the Reduced Reserved Mana and increased Buff Effect. You will see why later on.


For this build you definitely need an Alpha's Howl.
The Goal is a corrupted lvl 4 Enlighten which will support the Purity of Fire,
Purity of Ice and Purity of Lightning gems.
All of those gems are supposed to be corrupted to lvl 21, so that it will result in lvl 23 Purity Auras increasing your max Res by 5%. The increased Buff Effect will make it go up to +8% max Res. It takes some time to make this happen, but that is for the very end game. I mean +4-6% max Res isn't bad to begin with.

Note: You can actually run this build even lacking some Reduced Mana either without Enlighten or some Reduced Mana Nodes as long as you are just missing 1-2 pieces. Yes it won't be at 100% strenght but still good enough.

It's basically up to you which belt you use, a good rolled rare one with Chaos Res might be perfect. If we're talking about uniques you could get a Belt of the Deceiver, since it gives you % Physical Dmg, Max Life and All Res. Furthermore you take 30% reduced Extra Damage from Critical Strikes.
Another option is Headhunter. You get nice Life, Strength and Dex from it, as well as the increased Damage against Rare monsters which are the ones who take you the longest kill.

Any good armor will fit in this build, but one of the strongest one will probably be the Lightning Coil. We are increasing our max All Res, so in the end we will be reducing the Physical Damage we take as well and it has nice Armour/Evasion/Life on it. Ofc perfect would be a 5L or 6L, because we will be running our Cyclone here. For support gems we pick Blood Magic,Fortify, Life Leech, Faster Attacks and if you got a 6L add either Life Gain on Hit for more sustain or for more Damage Melee Physical Damage.

The best weapon for this build will probably be Ichimonji. You will use this sword while you are playing/farming solo, with the 10% increasead Buff Effect you will receive +1% max Res in total from your Purities, as well as allowing you to run 2 Heralds+Another strong Aura with the 5% Reduced Mana Reserved. When you play with other player you're gonna need another 1-Handed weapon with decent Physical Damage and that should do the trick. For gems I would recommend Leap SLam with Faster Attacks and Blood Rage. You will be able to jump really fast, get a lot of Life Leech and since we are going for capped Res the Chaos Dmg will be rather small later on anyway.

I would recommend Saffel's Frame, since it gives us even more max Res which results in even less Physical Damage taken through Lightning Coil and Taste of Hate. Any other max Res shield or any shield with high Armor/Evasion/Life will do. For gems you could run Vaal Molten Shell with Increased Duration and Life Leech which will make you even more durable and Reflect shouldn't even be a problem due to the Life Leech and high Fire Res, but if you're scared run something else.

For boots you don't really need specific ones, just good rolls will do. On the other hand there are 2 boots which have some synergy with the build to some extent. First of all The Blood Dance because we gonna get a lot Life and can benefit of the % Life generated per Frenzy charge which we can get through the boots and Blood Rage on our Leap Slam. Pretty good as well should be Atziri's Step. You get a nice amount of flat Life, nice Evasion and the Chance to Dodge Spell Damage on top of the CHance to Block Spells from our shield, that makes a nice combo. For gems you will run Enlighten with some Auras/buffs.
For solo play you can use 2 of the following Heralds: Herald of Ice, Herald of Ash or Herald of Thunder. As well as one of the following Auras on top of your 3 Purity Auras that's what all the Reduced Reserved Mana is for: Hatred, Haste, Grace or Determination whatever suits your party the most.
While playing in a team you remove your Ichimonji and can replace the 2 Heralds and the other Aura with one of those again: Hatred, Haste, Grace or Determination as well as Vitality to be more durable. If you wanna be really supportive you could even run Generosity.

There are no specific gloves/rings/amulet I could recommend. The stats you need on those are mainly Life, added Physical Damage and Resistances. Make sure you max out all your Resistances on those items. For gems on the gloves we have to seperate it again in solo and team play. When playing alone run CwDT with Enfeeble, Vulnerability and Rallying Cry . While playing in a team you simply swap Vulnerability with Abyssal Cry, with that you will be taunting nearby enemies and slowing them, resulting you in being literally a tank and abusing your high defense.

That's it with my build. I know it is not even close to perfect guide, but I tried my best for now. I hope you like it and am looking forward to your feedback.

Cheers, TheOcter

Update 1: Reworked my build with Enlighten instead of Reduced Mana, since it works differently in the beta. Skill tree and text updated.
Update 2: Added the link to the Aura Calculator from Mikalet.
Update 3: Issue with Mantra of Force, for now I'll put it on hold but with the changes I expect I'd still use it, but we'll see. Mentioning some Unique Jewels will be removed State of the Beta #1, but on the other hand as you can see here State of Beta #3 they mentioned that after buffing rare jewels, some unique jewels are disabled while fixxing them. Considering they renamed the Jewel to Mantra of Flames I expect a change and not them removing it completely.
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Reduced Mana does not effect auras in the new expansion, as of now at least.
Mess with the best, die like the rest.
Thank you Edzilla, I actually didn't know about that.
Changed my build to lvl 4 Enlighten now, but had to adjust the skill tree quite a bit, losing a little health, but no dmg at all. On the other hand I gained +1% max Res.
Mantra of Force was removed from the beta
even if its come back - i'm sure it will be different from its original version
Thank you for the info, after some research I found out, that you can drop a Mantra of Flame which has the same stats as Mantra of Force, but doesn't seem to work? O.o
So I guess judging from the name, that they will change it to fire dmg and rebalance it, since they didn't announce anywhere that it got removed right? If so would love to see that. :)
I'll keep that jewel on hold now, but if it comes back even with fire dmg I'd probably still use it.
GL getting a level 4 enlighten :P You're best bet is to just run 2 heralds + hatred. Those are my plans - if I can somehow get some more int to run Thunder... if not, Ice will have to be it, but the DPS it adds is so little :(
Mess with the best, die like the rest.
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Haha thx, but I was just checking stuff. When I get my nodes right+Alpha's Howl+Ichimonji, I can run 3 Purities and 3 Heralds without any Enlighten gems at all. :^) 99% Mana Reserved
But keep in mind the Heralds, Hatred, Haste or w/e you run will have a 62% increased Buff effect. :)

If this build will work as I imagine, I can't say for sure. It might as well be total dumpster, but time will show.
A tree with little damage (I consider 230% "little damage").
A Unique Weapon with super low DpS.
Cyclone with one single DpS support gem (fA).

How on earth are you going to kill monsters?
This looks like a 4-5k DpS build to me...

Do you actually play this build or is it just theorycrafting?
3.5 build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2299519
Ye I agree the flat dmg and stuff isn't really high, but the weapon's dps is quite fine in my eyes considering this build is built arround auras. And well fortify improves the dmg as well it's not just fA, acutally I'm thinking about swapping maybe fA to smth else, since we got close to 2 AS on the weapon +30% in the nodes and AS from the blood rage we're using.

The thing is if you really need more dmg you can as well run herald of ash, herald of thunder and hatred for example on top of the purities. Rallying cry and a curse w/e you prefer in this case with CwDT will also improve your dmg. In the end all the 3 Dmg Auras and Rallying cry, as well as the Purities will benefit from 62% increased Effect bonus, resulting in you being able to focus on mostly dmg on rings/amulet/glove rolls. Here's the point when I first thought of this build and was trying out the basics(I just lack the items to make it work 100%) it was when I've seen Mantra of Force which would basically add Dmg for every single buff, 3 Purities, 3 offensive Auras, Rallying Cry, Vaal Molten Shell which would result in 8x the effect of the jewel. Now they "changed" it and I gotta w8 how they will balance it, but I'm sure they won't remove it, because why would they have bothered renaming it in this case.

I can't say for sure, but I'm pretty sure all those little pieces of dmg together make quite a bit together and keep in mind, we're doing this while capping our resistances like hell.

As soon as I get the chance I will test more and more of this build and keep this thread updated, it might even be dumpster as I've said before but I'm in high hopes.
My point is:
Generally when I see a build like yours, the person using it is also using a mirror tier weapon and 5 damage support gems to compensate for the super-defensive all aura tree.
Or some other way to get insane damage.

HoA and hatred are pretty bad without serious physical DpS, and the other two are basically like flat elemental weapon affixes. Yes, you increase their potential, but you do nothing else with them. You have no base DpS to scale the percentual auras, and no crit to abuse the flat auras.

It's all about balancing Damage and Defense in this game, and I'm afraid you sacrifice too much offense for defense (especially the weapon slot and support gems).

I may be wrong, but it looks like this to me.
3.5 build: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2299519

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