[1.3] Another (lower cost) cookie cutter 50k RT 2H Axe Build for Uber Atziri

Change Log
Feb 26, 2015: finished uploading terribad (lots of human error) Uber run video and added more details to the guide. Added passive tree for crit staff and dual wield soul taker builds.

I saw someone do Uber with mirrored 2h weapon and complained about how it was immpossible to do it with 2h weapons without mirror worthy or legacy gear. I decided to try and debuff that bullshit. Although someone have beat me to it, I've been working on this build for some time as well so I might as well lay it out. Aiming for under 60ex budget Uber viable.


Duelist or Marauder start, duelist have more dex.
Possible to do crit staff or dual wield builds.

Bandits: Oak (40 Life), Oak (18% Phys), Oak (Endurance Charge)

Level 87 finished build

Level 98 all extra life nodes max build (11x 5% life nodes)

• 4% Mana reduction to run Hatred, Haste, Herald of Ash
• 3 Skill duration nodes and total of 6 endurance charges to keep 10-13 second Vaal Immortal Call for Uber split phase
• Generally phys nodes add more dps than attack speed

Flexible nodes
• Cut aura nodes and run mana version (never tested)
• 5% life nodes
• Skill duration nodes
• Life leech nodes

General Gear and Gems

• Chest can be anything.
• Devoto's devotion is BiS for RT builds.
• Life leech on all gears for survival. (Or run blood rage with high chaos res? Not tested.)
• Can reach higher dps (up to 60k) with added phys jewelry and dps gloves.
• Warlord's Mark and Cast when Damage Taken to help life leech and fight against reflect. Optional and can be replaced.
• Use incerased AOE for mapping.

Ubers Atziri Gear and Gems

• Use Concentrate for higher dps.
• Self-cast enduring combo.
• Shock immunity flask for vaals.
• Bleed immunity flask, Taste of Hate, and Atziri's Promise for trio.
• Ruby + life + 5l chest with vaal ic for atziri split phase.

Video 1080p

Can be deathless with enough practice (got to Atziri deathless many times). I feel all deaths are from human errors.

Will make in-depth guide if this picks up any popularity.
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Nice, looking forward for the video
Players gonna play play play, GGG gonna nerf nerf nerf
I'm looking forward to seeing your video and how you do things

I don't have much to go on by but I think it'll be fun if I try to figure out how you do uber

First impression from your tree, you're prioritizing auras over the extra endurance charge and skill duration. Because of this, your vaal ic's should be shorter but long enough for it to be not a problem for the split phase, but it's not really possible for you to push her into another split phase straight away? Maybe I am wrong. But the benefit is that you can use purity of fire. Her flameblasts isn't as much of a problem for you in her main phase, and you just cyclone in the split phase and dodge the storm calls and use ruby? That combined with instant flasks, I could see you being able to run cyclone on BM. And because of this you don't need a second chest

I'm probably wrong but I think you would find it interesting what some one would think without seeing all of the information
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Video is now up.

TLDR: 4% reduction to run Haste, Hatred, and Herald of Ash. 3 increased skill duration nodes are long enough to kill Uber split phase with Vaal IC which is the only problem for me.

I picked 3 aura nodes because you need 4% mana reducuction to run Haste, Hatred, and Herald of Ash which all highly benefits phys builds. This build can have 6 endurance charges and with the 3 skill duration nodes it can sustain a 10-13 second vall immortal call in 5L chest which is just long enough to kill Uber Atziri split phase. That's the hardest part of running Uber for this build. And the 5l chest swap is for this single purpose only. (Unlike Mathil or some other extremely good player I cannot dodge all her spells.) If you can dodge her spells then you don't need a specialized 5L chest setup.

Atziri single is really easy, you just run around and dodge the flame blasts and storm calls and hit her while its on cool down. Rinse and repeat until she changes phase. Keep casting endurying cry as you kill the single phase and activate vaal IC right before the split phase finish spawning and just spam cyclone on her without dodging.
[2.0] 5L Uber Viable Incinerate (1.4m Burst): The Zippo: http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1211719
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Great build
hey thumbs up from me great build ty for sharing
hey got a question for you
for incoming expantion i noticed the vaal pact node is far away
did you figure out a way to get it with new nodes or is the build gonne b without it for now?

sry for the typos
english not native language :)

kind regards

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