xeoni's 1.3 HARDCORE Bloodlines Arc Crit Build (heavy defense/regen + high dps)

This build is NOT UPDATED, i will however try to update it when act4 comes out.


I've been playing for quite a while this game now and i thought i should post this build up, first one to. I don't know if someone already posted somethin` like this (i haven't found anything, especialy for HC) but anyway, here it goes!
This is a lvl 93 Templar (lvl 96 being the "dream passive tree").
SPOILER: This is a very afortable build without any complicated stuff, heavy defense/regen, good ammount of rarity and very confortable.

Some screeshots of the life/dps/stats etc.


DPS with 6 power charges (you can get the 7-th from bandits, i for one chosed not to, since the current dps/crit chance is enough)

Dps with 6 power charges and Vaal haste active

Offensive Stats

Defensive Stats >

Current Gear/Gems:
There's always room for upgrades!
At every player's choice you can drop elemental weakness for enfeeble or for a empower and link arctic armour with it. Also one of the most important gear to get is the vorici gloves with high "life leech rate" and craft them into somethin good.
I`m ussing crafted dexterity on boots/chest and gloves with dex included because of the vaal haste.
Remember: Rarity is a choice, you can replace it with more life items, more chaos res, cast speed(rings) > more dps etc.

Flasks Used:

Passive Tree:

After reaching lvl 96, you`ll be able to get the full Arcane Potency circle and that's pretty much it. If you chose not to gear up rarity i suggest getting more mana reg and get Inner force + a shield with +2 cold for arctic armour to be even tankier). Also at your choice you can drop elemental weakness gem and 3 link arctic armour + empower + vaal haste.
The 1 passive skilled in 20% critical strike chance after Assasination is random dropped and at your choice untill you get enough passives to skill Arcane Potency.
For a good experience with this build you need lvl 80+.


Arctic Armour + Auras used:

-Herald of Thunder
-Purity of Lightning
-Purity of fire/ice. (you can change them depending on the need/monsters counter <all 3 equiped>)

Pros and Cons

-You don't have to stand close to monsters witch saves you from alot of damage.
-High dps without to much effort/insane gear
-Very fast clear end-maps
-Elemental Weakness proof (good especialy for rolling this mod on maps > good quantity)
-Very confortable, just click and watch them die without having to turn your charc to much.
-Very well build against desync > since you don't have to click the mobs to attack (just click in thin air) you won't have to worry about your charc chassing the monsters next to a wall/door etc > no desync.
-Good ammount of life regen witch helps vs desecrated ground, corrupting blood etc.
-Allows a good ammount of rarity to be set on gear


-Weak to elemental reflect (especialy the big rocky dudes) if the monster pack is BIG, if it's only the rare monster alone with ele reflect without any monsters next to it you have no problems. For elemental reflect rares with big packs next to it > as long as you're ussing your topaz flask corectly you won't have problems.
-Not Atziri viable
-Even tho this event is happening very rare(i've encountered it 2 times on bloodlines) > Weak against Necromancers with "Allies cannot die" that has alot of monsters next to it. Otherwise (few monsters) the lvl 21 arc will just jump in him untill he dies.

***Personal note*** Even tho you attack in thin air, always look at the big rock dudes and the big bears rares monsters Nemesis Affixes > Volatile Flame/Ice/Storm blood and don't be near them when they die.

Sadly i have a very bad PC and i wish i could of uploaded some videos to show how well this build works, but i can't.
Any ideas or critics are welcome to improve this build !
Ty, i appologize if i made some typo mistakes and i hope you like the build!
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Hello thanks for sharing your ideas.
I would like to ask what whould you run on a 5L chest till you obtain 6L
Zerowitz wrote:
Hello thanks for sharing your ideas.
I would like to ask what whould you run on a 5L chest till you obtain 6L

Hello, the safest way is to drop crit multi gem, even tho your dps is going down. Even so, the dps will be sufficient to do your job.
Thanks for the guide!

Right now I'm running a non-crit arc Templar at level 78,

My current tree

Current gear inc gem setup

Thinking of switching over to crit, swapping the gloves out for voidbringers and the boots out for rainbowstriders. Do you think this could work using your tree just slightly tweaked to still run HoT, clarity, and all 3 purity auras with AA?

Many thanks in advance for any help and advice
Hi, thanks for the Guide!

I'm using it as a base for my 2.0 Templar. The problem, the passive skill tree link isn't working anymore :(.
Do you or anyone else has a pic of the old 1.3 build? Would be a great help.

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