1.3 Torment 1v1 LLD searing Templar build

Hi my name is mav559 and i will be documenting my lld 1v1 character (KoamsLLD)
[Rank:23 as of 13.12.20145] in this thread i will be documenting and explaining my build and progress.

The build i use is rather common, its a fireball trapper based on ...

... the trap gem makes it so that when enemys trigger it all 3 fireballs will hit them and shotgun most casters in 1 hit and melees ind 2-3 hits.
I choose this build because my main char is/was a firetrapper and thus i had a 6l searing touch to my hands.

Gear (Torment [13.12.2015])

The only item that is mandatory for the build is the Searing touch (min 5 link)
the corrupted amulet allows me to triple curse in combination with doedre's damning

Flasks (Torment [13.12.2015])

These NEED to be improved asap!


The main skill is Fireball:
5 links:
Fireball(8) -> Trap(2) -> Lmp(4) -> Fire Pen(2) -> Empower(2)

6 links:
Fireball(8) -> Trap(2) -> Lmp(4) -> Fire Pen(2) -> Empower(2) -> Faster Proj(6)

Also you want some cc skills, i recommend a combination of the following:

Coldsnap(quality helps a lot here):
Coldsnap(8) -> Added cold Dmg(6) -> Cold Pen(2) -> Empower(2)only add empower if you are rich or very rich...


Beartrap(this is the cheaper option):
Beartrap(8) -> Multitrap(2)

add Conversiontrap(2) -> Inc Duration to the Beartrap setup against casters

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