EU01-66-STD 3v3 CTF Open

The queue for this tournament can be found in the "Events" tab of the "Events and PvP" panel. This can be accessed in-game through the menu button, or by pressing B (by default). You must queue for this tournament in order to participate in it. You cannot join this tournament late, as the number of rounds is determined by the number of players.

You must be on the following league/gateway to participate in this tournament:

League: Standard
Gateway: Europe

PvP-only characters can be used for this tournament.
Instructions on how to create preconstructed PvP-only characters can be found here.

This tournament is accessible to characters of all levels.

You must queue as a party of 3 players in this event. All party members must be in the same game instance while queuing.

This is a Capture the Flag event
Capture the Flag events require you to work as a team to capture the other team’s flag and to bring it to your own flag. More information on how this format works can be found in the PvP rules.

Each flag capture is worth 3 points.
Each match drawn is worth 1 point.

The top 20 players by points will receive:
  • #1 Overall: Talisman of the Victor (Unique Jet Amulet) and 10 Reward Points.
  • #2 Overall: 6 Reward Points.
  • #3 Overall: 5 Reward Points.
  • #4 Overall: 4 Reward Points.
  • #5 Overall: 3 Reward Points.
  • #6-10 Overall: 2 Reward Points.
  • #11-20 Overall: 1 Reward Point.

Gameplay & Level Design
Need help? Contact
1st game - 2 players in our team crashed, next 2 games against same team, 4th game autowin team didn't show up.

cancerous PVP is cancerous :C
Playing with 70-80ms ping, which is causing long loading between zones,
resulting in 2-4 minutes disadvantage in 1 hour races.
(I was wrong, it wasn't a ping issue but something else on GGG side)
GG All, had alot of latency issues but team helped me and we got a nice synergize
It's hard to remember what you have forgotten
Why are police looking for missing people? None of them were missing last time I saw them

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