1.3 First Time Discharge Mjolner Build

Just a showcase for myself to benchmark my progress. IGN Crits.

Self found Mjolner day 3 of Torment league.

Passive Tree

Current gear


Plans on gear/tree

- Still need about 46 more INT (all on ammy) to be free of Mjolner req on gear.
- Can swap Rathpith for Saffell's at any time, I'd use Saffell's + Purity of lightning for ele reflect maps.
- Really wish I could have invested in block chance, but being so strapped all across the tree and wanting as much damage as I could get I couldn't fit it in.
- Volls devotion would be AMAZING, but so expensive.
- Used to run 6 endurance charges, swapped those for Vaal Pact and it's absolutely worth it. I have no problem with reflect, only if it's a map mod + minus max resist.
- Not sure what I'm going to do for my golems blood area. Could drop all 6 points there and put into straight health, but A) I'm divided on going after Iron Reflexes and B) I need the 3 STR nodes to have my gear req. So still working on that area.

Play Style

- Molten strike + gmp is amazing, hit so many times, problem is it has a buffer of about a half a second before the damage starts coming.
- Cyclone is awesome with a movement flask running into a group, problem lies with spread out ranged targets.
- 6L would probably just be faster proj for spectral throw. This build in no way requires even a 5L, as you see it just allows me to use spectral throw.
- Spectral throw + gmp has incredible instant burst, but only one projectile can hit a single target, making it useless against a single mob with high health.
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