[1.3] Discharge Templar idea ! (Oro's Sacrifice build)

Hello exiles ! I'm a french player that needs your help. I'm sorry for my poor english, but I need your opinion on my crazy and fun build that I made. I'm a casual standard player, that level up his Templar with weird idea : a Discharge Oro's build !

I'm not searching the most OP build of the world, but just a end-game viable build. It's easy to miss some mecanics in POE while creating a build, that's why I really want your opinion. Please, don't be too agressive on a casual player aha.

This a Discharge build that plays around frenzy/power charges. To generate those charges, we use :

Power charge :

. Romira's banquet gives us a power charge on every hit

Frenzy charge :

. against ignite ennemies

. with the skill "Frenzy"

This build has a very high chance to ignite, to shock and to freeze. It also permites us to be as much tanky as possible with the gear and the passive tree without forgot DPS (hopefully).

This passive tree is not the final one, I need your help and I change it a lot of time


Some important nodes and only the importants (but please look at it all) :

Attribut :

. +60 dex to equipement requirement of Oro

. +2 power charge, 4% more spell damage with 1 power charge

Defense :

. 168% life

. 3.6% life regen

. 17% elemental res

Attack :

. Damage penetrate : 5% cold and lightning, 2% fire

. 40% area skill, 20% area damage

. 100% mana regenerate, 19% reduced mana cost of skills

. 60% spell damage

. 5% attack speed, 12% cast speed

. 20% chance to freeze/shock, 10% chance to ignite, +25% damage against ennemies suffering from it, huge shock/freeze duration

. 134% cold damage and lighting damage, 122% elemental damage

. Elemental equilibrum / resolute technique

The crazy and weird idea of the build

We use Oro, that deal fire damage, with the skill Frenzy, to get fastly power/frenzy charge while ignited/elemental equilibrum the ennemies. At the same time, the curse "elemental weakness" increase the DPS of Discharge.

The gems are linked like this :

6L (important) : Frenzy + Melee Splash + Increased area + Curse on hit + Elemental weakness + Chance to ignite

4/6L : Discharge + Increased area + Concentrated effect + Empower (+ Add cold damage + Add lighting damage)

The skill Frenzy will generate in 2/3 fast attacks the charges, curse the ennemy, and ignite him.

Discharge will get +50% from elemental equilibrum, +25% from ignite, 35% (minimum) reduced res for the ennemy !

In game, i'll do Frenzy x2 + Discharge + Frenzy x2 +Discharge and I hope it will be a success ahaha (because i work hard for it).


+40 life, +8% attack speed, +1 frenzy charge

The gear

Romira's banquet and Oro's sacrifice are the core of the build !


The taming could be great on this build but this ring is really expensive..


The lightning variant of the Doryani's will be perfect : it improves the fire res, and gives a LL on lightning damage, that are the higher on Discharge !


(20 to 30)% increased Lightning Damage
1% of Lightning Damage Leeched as Life
Your Flasks grant 10% chance to Shock during flask effect
+(300 to 350) to Armour
+(30 to 35)% to Fire Resistance
+(30 to 35)% to Cold Resistance

The best boots by far are gang's momentum !


The rest of the gear needs to be centered on armour / life / resistance and a little bit of attack speed / elemental damage / 40 dexterity minimum.

All the gems and the links

We presume that i'm super rich and i have a 6L oro and a 6L body armour :

6L : Frenzy + Melee Splash + Increased area + Curse on hit + Elemental weakness + Chance to ignite

Curse + Elemental equilibrum + ignite + charges => the generator of DPS !

Single target : replace melee splash with LL

6L : Discharge + Increased area + Concentrated effect + Empower + Add cold damage + Add lighting damage

The DPS with cold and lightning damage, a huge area of effect (40% + 30% - 30%) and a concentrated effect that improves our spell damage (65%). Empower is really huge here because Discharge needs to be at a very high level.

Single target : replace increased area with faster casting or lighting penetration

4L : Cwdt + Enduring cry + Immortal Coil + Increased duration

Classic for a melee character !

4L : Determination + Purity of elements + Haste + Reduced mana

The double tanky auras are here to be sure that we can facetank everything ! The haste is pretty great here because of the attack speed (and movement speed which is pretty great) => more attack speed mean more charges ! Even the cast speed is faster.

4L : Maybe a mobility sockets like Leap Slam + faster attack + reduced mana + portal OR 4L single target

Final words

I know this build is kind of crazy and maybe not as viable than any other builds. But I want to know if it's possible to do lvl 70-75 maps and if this build could permit me to reech a funny viable gameplay ! I'll be glad if you have some improvements or ANYTHING that can help me.

Please comment this post
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I need your help, but I promise i won't bump this post more than twice..
looks nice albeit possible problems with elemental reflect
That's exactly what I though : the only problem would be elemental reflect ! I think i'll use a lot of flasks, I don't care it's not a huge problem if my build is almost viable on every map.

I have a new idea for my boots : Gang's Momentum. They are not to expensive (around 20 chaos) and fits perfectly with the build !

. Fire res is really important since I use Oro's sacrifice

. +150% armor and +237 armor minimum : not bad

. +15% damage against ignite ennemies, and they are always ignite

. some mouvement speed (25%) which is awesome for clearing maps

. 7% chance to ignite is REALLY great to get more frenzy charges and more DPS.

This build need ignite to get frenzy charges on every hit, to get culling strike on every hit and +40% damage.

The passive tree give +10% chance, Oro +20% chance and "Chance to ignite" around 35% = 65% + 7% from those boots = 72% chance to ignite.

Pretty OP
BUMP and news !

My templar is near level 50 and had finished cruel's actes. It seems impossible to level up him has a "discharger" without all the combos. That's why i level up him with Molten strike / molten shell / fire trap which is pretty simple btw !

I edit the choice of the boots : Gang's momentum is by far the best choice, according to me.

I still think about a 4L for single target but i have no real idea, because i can't test this build. I'll bump this post when i'll be near 80 with a full gear (or close to be full..i'm not that rich) to see the results !

PS : I still need your advices and opinion !
Hey man, did this build ever manifest into something? I was wondering if you ever thought of using flicker strike to build up all those charges and charges and then discharge when full... I was thinking endurance charge on stun? Maybe even blood rage and some easily obtainable regen nodes near the templar? The reason you want thIs is to restart the flicker after a full discharge kills enemies and then the flicker and start again. Other option is to drop gangs for blood dance and get a frenzy charge 30% of the time on kill. What do you think? Maybe high life high regen and run AA and evasion with elemental weakness, enfeeble or even warlords mark (mana sustain?).

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