PvP Event Rules

Participating in a PvP Event
In order to participate in a PvP tournament you must queue for it. Queues can be found in the "Events" tab of the "Events and PvP" panel. This can be accessed in-game through the menu button, or by pressing B (by default).

Please also ensure that you are in the correct league and connected through the correct gateway in order to participate. These will be specified by the event name:

  • Standard (STD)
  • Hardcore (HC)
  • Torment (TMT)
  • Bloodlines (BLD)

  • Europe (EU)
  • America/Australia (US)

Open and Low-Level events
Some events are restricted by level and difficulty. A "Low-Level" event requires your character to be level 28, and for you to have not yet completed normal difficulty.

"Open" events have no level or difficulty restrictions.

FFA Arena tournaments are free-for-all events where you want to kill as many players as possible in the time limit.
  • A kill is only awarded to the player who delivers the killing blow on an enemy.
  • After the tournament has started, you will be placed into a Free-for-all arena with other players. Each arena holds a maximum of 24 players.
  • Upon dying, you are placed into the instance with the fewest players in it.
  • If the number of players in the tournament decreases below certain thresholds, the number of arenas will also be decreased. The remaining players will be placed into fewer, more populated arenas.
  • You cannot queue as a party for this tournament.

Blitz events are all about killing other players as quickly as possible.
  • You cannot alter your items during a match. You can only do so between rounds.
  • Each match is one round.
  • You will need to re-enter the queue after each round in order to continue participating. This can be done by clicking “Ready for Next Round” or re-entering the queue from the Events Panel.
  • Leaving the match partway through results in a loss, even if your opponent leaves as well.
  • You cannot queue as a party for either 1v1 tournaments, or for 3v3 No Party tournaments.

Each match in a Swiss event is a best-of-seven duel with another player. These matches pit you against players with win-loss records (in this tournament) that are similar to yours.
  • Each match lasts 12 minutes. If you finish early you can do what you please until the next match begins, but you MUST be queued by that time or you can't participate.
  • There is a timer at the top of your screen indicating when the next match starts.
  • Leaving or not showing up to a match results in a loss, even if your opponent leaves or doesn't show up either.
  • All participants must be present for the first round.
  • Missing any round after the first gets you a round loss. Missing a second round in a row will result in you being removed from the tournament.
  • The number of rounds is based on the number of players. Each additional round doubles the number of supported players. For example, 128 players requires 7 rounds and 256 players required 8 rounds.

Capture the Flag
Capture the Flag events require you to work as a team to capture the other team's flag and to bring it to your own flag.
  • This format requires a 6-person team, and you may queue as a party for these events. The entire party must be present in the same game instance when you queue.
  • This format uses Swiss rules (see above) but determines rounds based on the number of teams, not the number of players.

If multiple players have the same number of points at the end of the tournament, there are several tiebreakers applied to decide who finished higher.

In Free-For-All events the number of times you died matters - if you got the same score with fewer deaths then you performed better.

In Blitz events, the number of games played matters - if you achieve the same score in fewer games then you performed better.

Resistance measures the quality of your opponents. Someone who got the same score but against better opponents will place higher.

The relevant tiebreakers are shown on the scoreboard or ladder forum thread in the order that they're applied. If all displayed tiebreakers are equal, then the tied player who finished their last round first will win.
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PvP-Only Characters
In order to access preconstructed PvP-only characters you must have spoken to "Leo, Master of the Arena" in the Sarn Encampment (Act 3) of the league that the tournament takes place in.

Once you have done this, you can select "PvP-Only" when creating a character, and use one of the preconstructed templates that are available or choose to create a blank character. You’re welcome to replace the items on these characters with better ones, of course. They’re just meant to be a starting point.
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