Those pesky traps! AoE vs Traps

Those invisible bundles of pain. Which AoE works on them?

Y = yes
N = no
S = sometimes; unreliable or too risky;

Destroy Traps Skill
Y Arc (auto-target)
Y Firestorm
Y Leap Slam
Y Cyclone
Y Ground Slam
Y Ice Nova
Y Shock Nova
Y Shockwave Totem (Spell Effect)
Y Summons including Totems (except Raging Spirits)
Y Rain of Arrows
Y Heralds
Y Cold Snap
Y Lightning Warp

S Whirling Blades

? Ligthning Strike
? Ball Lightning


Destroying a trap with a Herald on can proc the kill effect (Overkill Ignite, Ice Explosion, Random Lightning). In addition, Herald of Thunder can destroy other traps with the kill effect.

Are there any more solutions to traps?
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Whirling blades if supported is fast enough to break traps and get out of range without taking damage...sometimes.
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i see, added that piece of info thanks!

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You forgot Rain of Arrows - it is a effective way to remove traps for bow users.
Thanks! I wasn't sure so I put it on ?

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added herald info
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Will an arc totem target traps by itself?
I don't think so. I have only been to LLD, and spell totem is 31.
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I would assume cold snap should work.
ah yes cold snap, thanks :)
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