Friendly reminder: a website dedicated to pvp.

Now that poe has a new pvp general disscussion thread, i thought i'd let new players know about the website. started as a website dedicated to being the best place to discuss, trade, meet people and play tournaments for pvp. It currently offers:

-Build guides
-PVP guides and tools
-PvP trading/shops
-Meet practice partners
-Ask questions/join guilds
-Join mumble server
-PoEArena organized & streamed tournaments for 1v1 & teams
-Competitive Ladders (starting 20th december)
-GGG and PoEArena events Calendar
-Featured live pvp streamers (starting early 1.3.0!)
-Tournament & Friendlies VODs to watch & learn

There is much more and we have some other cool unannounced features coming soon!

It is an ad-free website that has been helping pvp for almost a year, check it out:
IGN: @GreenDude
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