[1.3] Theory-crafting a Facebreaker Frenzy/Shield Charge build w/ Darkray Vectors

Just wanted to share my idea for 1.3.

Since 1.3 allows Shield Charge to be used unarmed, this opens up synergy between Frenzy, Darkray Vectors and Shield Charge (possibly)

1. Clear mobs with Frenzy to build Frenzy Charges
2. Darkray Vectors give increase movement speed
3. Shield Charge gives superspeed(?) to dash to next pack stun/damage/kill them(?)
4. Finish off mobs with Frenzy to reset charge timers

Links would be something like:

Frenzy - Melee Splash - Melee Physical Damage - Faster Attacks - Added Fire - ???
Shield Charge - Melee Splash - Faster Attacks - Melee Physical Damage
(wiki says Faster Attacks increases running speed but I'm not sure about that)

For auras, Hatred and Herald of Ash would be good for more deeps and Determination and Grace would be good for defense. Haste might work but it depends on HC or SC.

CWDT setup is the standard Immortal Core/Enduring Cry, probably.


Oak, Oak, Kraitlyn

Open to changes. Any criticism is welcome.

P.S: I have never used shield charge before.

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