[SC] 1.2 Crit Cleaver Duelist Build Guide [11+APS][High DPS]

Hey everyone, just wanted to share my crit cleaver I made in Rampage this past league. Here's the guide and how I did it. This is a char build around critical strike, crit multi, fast attacks per second, and dual wield block. If you have any questions please ask and I will try to answer them for you! I'm going to try to keep this brief.


Pros: High DPS, very fun, quick moving exciting build; for everyone that has played the old blenders it's a lot like that just a few changes and a lot more damage. Not very expensive but can be very hard to max out gear. Can be done with a 4L for a long time.

Cons: Not very tanky, but can still survive 73 maps pretty easily. Probably can't be played on hardcore without dying eventually. Cheapish. Desyncs a lot. Indoor maps suck. No single target skill, (vorici missions might be hard) but can take down single targets pretty quick. Reflect can hurt. Extra damage map mods can hurt, Aybssus

Cleave Offensive stats

My Gear

Total Cost was probably about 4 ex, and then the rest of the gear was self found or very cheap since this was done in Rampage mid-league and not standard. Standard prices be crazy. Crit Chance on your Weapons > Attack speed towards level 75+

Gems and Setup

Gems are pretty easy to figure out. With 2 foils you are going to eventually have to move your links to your chest when you get a 5 link.

Cleave links: Cleave + Added Fire + Multistrike + Melee Phys + Faster attacks (in that order)

Auras: Reduced Mana + Herald of Ash + Hatred + Herald of Ice (in that order when you can)
Herald of Ice adds a TON of AOE when you start getting your crit chance up.

Cast when dmg taken + Enduring cry + Immortal call + increased duration

Leap slam + power charge on crit + faster attacks + Blood magic (Don't underestimate how much your leap slam will crit with the power charges up)

The rest are filler, just put BM + assassins mark somewhere, vaal cyclone is cool too, another CWDT+IC would be good too to deal with the extra phys dmg from Abyssus. I also run another CWDT + Assassin's Mark because it's always good to be cursing when I'm too busy too.


Normal: Help Oak
Cruel: Help Oak
Merciless: Help Alira for the power charge

Passive Tree/Leveling

Level 40ish: http://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAAAgQBEdUUUhUgI_YqTSzpMHwxnjSTNZI_J0d-Sn1KyE2STeNOKlb6W69jcGVNZ6BuaW6qd9d_K4TZh3aNfZAKmSubLaZXtfK2Qb2BvqfYvd0N7-P8xf6P

You can level as regular physical cleave into the 50s then start slowly adding in the crit nodes when you can start getting your hands on crit swords. The crit swords aren't even needed really, can be done with 5.0% base crit swords as well, I did it till 60 or so and was going strong.

Current level 83:http://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAAAgQBAAYCEQMnBbUG7glYEdUUUhUgFfYWvxjbI_Yk_SaVKgsqOCpNLOkwfDGeMbA0kzWSNe82PTrtPydE0kd-Sn1KyE2STeNOKlFHVUtW-luvXLBh4mJ5YqxjcGVNZ6BsjG1sbbRuaW6qcFJ3138rgUGE2Yd2iq-MNo19jb-QCpdwmSubLZ2qo-emV6Z_qW6xs7TFtUi18rZBvYG-p8GLwuzL9dP81FLYvdun3L3dDecP51TtQe_j8-r8xf6P_94=

You'll want to pick up Mind Drinker for the mana leech up in the Shadow tree if you can't get it on gear. You'll also need a some life leech on gear. I didn't spec Vaal Pact till I was at 4k HP and 90k DPS. The reason I didn't take Iron Reflexes is because this build has SO much dex I felt it was going to be a waste.


Quick Video running through the guide, skip to the 6 minute mark to see gameplay start:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JMCIPP6jtc - 70 map

Final Thoughts

Resists can be hard to cap, very high dps, reflect can be a bitch, very fun, very fast, feels like my old blender builds from back in Anarchy when melee chars use to have 3k HP and were very squishy. Overall I really enjoyed it and it was easy to level. Can't really be done on Hardcore, probably doesn't have a change at Atziri even though I never tried.


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