Action Screenshot Competition

Prizes: (increased on June 12!)
  • First Prize: 2500 Points - $250 value (was 2000 points before)
  • Second Prize: 1500 Points - $150 value (was 1000 points before)
  • Third Prize: 1000 Points - $100 value (was 500 points before)
  • Fourth Prize: 500 Points - $50 value (added as new prize)
  • Fifth Prize: 250 Points - $25 value (added as new prize)

The competition will end two weeks from now. In various timezones this is:
  • PDT: 7pm Thursday, June 19
  • EDT: 10pm Thursday, June 19
  • CET: 4am, Friday, June 20
  • NZT: 2pm Friday, June 20

Here are some additional guidelines:
  • As this is an Action Screenshot competition, the image should display some combat or other action in-game
  • Ideally take full non-cropped screenshots at a high resolution like 1920x1080
  • Please have shadows and texture quality turned on in the screenshots
  • Chat should be off
  • Try to minimise the amount of UI shown (i.e. item hovers, life/mana numbers, health bars, un-levelled-up gems, the F1 latency display, etc)
  • It's okay to use photoshop to fix tiny problems with the image, but please don't manipulate the screenshots to the extent that they look different than the game does
  • It's fine to enter multiple times

To enter, just host your screenshot on an image sharing site like imgur and post the link in this thread. At the end of the competition, we'll pick our favourite few and will award the prizes above. Note that we may use the screenshots that are posted for promotional purposes.

Thanks for your awesome screenshots and good luck with the competition!
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Sounds cool, may give it a shot.
yay time to go phunting!
Great way to start my vacation!
GMT -4:00
Here's my reave character :)
Took this a while ago, wish I knew the guidelines. I'll try and take a similar one and edit.
Neat , ill try to participate.
Just captured a few.
All in 1920x1080


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Cool Idea!
Dem Feinde entgegen, im Panzer geschützt
Sweet can't wait to take some.

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