What ports do I need to open up on my network's firewall for PoE?

For some reason, I'm unable to find an official GGG article or post that states the ports I need to open. Does anyone have a link? Or can anyone tell me how to find this information?


Edit: I have received a response from support.



Thank you for contacting Support! The general ports that we suggest be opened are as follows:

Ports (TCP):

If you have any questions at all regarding this, please don't hesitate to let me know.

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I think there's a slight miscommunication.

These are outgoing connections, and almost any default setup will allow these ports to open.

You do not need to set port forwarding or otherwise manually map these ports to be open. You simply allow windows to initiate the connection as normal, and those ports will be used.

These settings are only for setting exceptions to very strict outgoing firewall rules, and sometimes very bad routers.
My network actually has a dedicated firewall PC. I don't know much about it honestly, but every port has to be opened manually. I'm told no outgoing connections are blocked.
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are you on a corporate/campus network?
PoE sends packets from your computer to destination port 80 using standard http, the same port and protocol we use to view webpages. If you have to allow open ports (like 80) before you can browse web pages or use other internet service programs, then you need to open the rest of PoE's outgoing ports. It's very unlikely you are being blocked by a commodity residential firewall for outgoing connections.
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Okay, let me explain the problem. The PoE client would not connect to the patch server until the ports listed in the OP were opened. I have to open every game's ports individually, because I can't connect to patch/game servers until I do. The packets are dropped by the firewall and the attempts from my PC/consoles time out. The security settings are just that strict.

It's not a corporate or campus network, just a small home network.
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