0.11.4 Skill Details: Reave

The skill we teased yesterday is Reave. It's a Dexterity/Intelligence skill available to Shadows from low levels. It works with Claws, Daggers and One Hand Swords (including Dual Wielding). Using the skill causes you to attack a small area in front of you. Each attack that hits an enemy increases the area of effect. The area is reset if you don't hit anything for a short time. If you use a skill other than Reave, the area is also reset. You can move around between Reaves as long as you hit an enemy frequently. It's designed to synergise with players building around attack speed, area of effect bonuses and on-hit effects. It'll be included in 0.11.4, which is due for deployment in less than two weeks.
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Loving it!
IGN: Aux
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About time claws and daggers got some love!

Will be interested to see how well it works.

Bad ass
This will be very interesting.
IGN: SinisterSquid
...and the claw builds rejoiced!
IGN EntropicThunder
IGN: Frostveil
Is the area capped?
I hope "Increased Duration" works with it.
ign: tate
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