[3.21] Juggernaut Crusty Totems Memebuild

This build is based on the crucible node : "Totems Explode on Death, dealing 600% of their Life as Physical Damage".

Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4sbSZhL4ws

When creating this build guide, I didn't hear about the trap version using Devouring Totems, which seems to be really better in terms of clearspead and raw damage.
Post will not be updated since the current state of the league exhausted me.

Concept :
When we summon totems and we exceed our maximum totem limit, old totems die.
By scaling a maximum amount of totem life, totem placement speed and physical damage taken on ennemies, aswell as placing two totems at once with multiple totems, we can pump the DPS of the explosions.
Build can clear fully-charged T16 Crucible easily.

Boss Checklist :
✓ Searing Exarch
✓ Eater of Worlds
✓ Elder (Maven witnessed)
✓ Shaper (Maven witnessed)
✓ Elder/Shaper/Sirius Guardians (Maven witnessed)
✓ Sirus
✓ Maven's Invitation : The Elderslayers

Pros/Cons :
+ Super Tanky
+ Good Damage and Single Target
+ Can do many map mods

- Kinda Melee Playstyle
- Medium/Bad Clear

Scaling :
- % Totem Life (Tree, Gear, Jewel)
- % Totem Placement Speed (Tree, Gear)
- % increased damage taken (Pride Aura, Shock, Flesh and Stone, Maim, Vulnerability, ...)
- Multiple Totems (2 times more damage)
- Global Damage , Totem Damage and Global Phys Damage, Phys Conversion

Totem choice :
The best totem base life is found on a lvl 35 Ballista or Spell Totem Support Gem, which can be found on a well rolled Forbidden Shako :

According to the support you have on your Shako, you can use Ballistas with Puncture for a minimum mana cost and benefit from the Totem Placement Speed found on Focused Ballista Support, or chose a Portal Spell totem for a 0 mana cost without investment and MAXIMUM MEME.

Ascendancy choice :
Juggernaut for maximum tanking and access to Chieftain's Aronguihi node with Forbidden Jewels. Any ascendancy could work.

Passive Tree :
Check my character "Crustibat" https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/Volner/characters

Gear :

Kinda outdated, check my character.

Uniques :

Brass Dome BIS instead of Kaom's

This bow and Quiver for 75% Block and 51% Spell Block.

Rares :
Life, Res, 2 x Elreon's Mod if playing Ballista

- Rare Jewels with Totem Life, Maximum Life, Resistances, Dex and Int
- Cluster Jewel with Ancestral Reach and Sleepless Sentries (Onslaught), Ancestral Might (Totem Life) or Snaring Spirits (for Hinder).
- Forbidden Flame and Flesh with Arohongui (or Indomitable Resolve BIS)

+ 80% all elemental res
+ Can cap chaos res with rares and jewels
+ 75% Block chance
+ 51% Spell block chance
+ 42% Spell suppress with corrupted quiver, can be converted to half spell dodge with crucible node on bow
+ Lot of Armour (don't remember the number, will put it soon)
+ Totem taunt (Taunted enemies inherently deal 10% less damage to targets that aren't the source of the taunt)
+ Totem takes 5% of Hits (Totem Mastery)
+ Enemies near your Totems deal 8% less Damage (Arohongui)

Gem Setup
Helmet :
- Lvl 1 Puncture
- Multiple Totems Support
- Focused Ballista Support
- Inspiration Support (for the reduced mana cost)

Body Armour / Bow :
- Enlighten
- Determination
- Pride
- Flesh And Stone
- Maim
- Summon Skitterbots

Ring :
- Vulnerability

Other :
- Molten Shell
- Frostblink
- Divergent Punishment if +1 curse somewhere

Map mods :
- No regen too rippy
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I was just theory crafting this myself if you Put RF in the spell totem one the totem will kill itself and explode also the totems taunt for one second on placement will draw mobs too them before they explode.
Is this leaguestarter viable?
Portal totems incoming, clear speed indeed sucks but the meme potential is definitely with me :)

The "only" problem here is that I have no gems to link to Portal, apart from Multiple Totems. Such a waste of potential.
Last edited by koboldium on Apr 20, 2023, 4:05:41 AM
Is this leaguestarter viable?

of course not xD you will need a lot of money .
I actually league-started with this.
But I was extremely lucky, bought the Shako for 50c and bow with totem mod for 1 div.
does this deletes ubbers? im running jugg rn but mine is not that tanky and dps is kinda meh.
Didn't try uber with it.
Was trying to farm a bow with explode mode and multiple totems mod to change my supports for more damage. I think with some more work it can kill ubers deathless, not sure if it would "delete" them tho, but farming crucible trees on uniques really annoyed me.
I don't think I'll continue this build anymore, since it seems that league mechanic will not be receiving any changes.
Last edited by Volner on Apr 27, 2023, 7:08:26 AM

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