Help with crafting

Hi, I used to play PoE around 4-5 years ago and I started it again.

I had left PoE because of its complicated crafting mechanics.
I am currently
level 87
am mapping around but
I keep dying.
I have good uniques and decent build set-up (righteous fire build) but I am unable to scale it up.
I have avoided crafting as much as possible but feels like I have to face it now.
I am looking for someone who could hop in a call with me in discord or something and guide me with crafting if possible. If it is too much, just someone to whom I can spam trival questions would also do.

Thank you! ^^
Last bumped on Mar 13, 2023, 9:09:07 AM
P.S. I have watched videos and such but still find it diffuclt to understand.

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