[3.19] Inquisitor Giga cast speed storm call

Map showcase https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qoyT9_NNug

This build utilizes high cast speed mirrored rings along with fanaticism and focus mods to absolutely sky rocket the dps during the 4 second window. It also uses awakened spell cascade to hit the same target even more, although I haven't been able to do that with fanaticism active as it gives 75% AoE which is hard to make overlaps for.

The Basics

For fanaticism

Shaper chest with spell crit and spare prefix for ailment avoid craft. Can opt for + level of active gems over spell crit if it rolls. Awakened spell cascade is mandatory for a smooth mapping experience.

The Gear:
A fractured wand with either t2/t1 cast speed or t2/t1 crit is a good starting base. If you have a lot of currency to spare, you can go big with fractured all spell/lightning skill gem mods or t1 spell damage. Couple of options to craft wand. I used spell damage essences to land the prefixes I wanted. With one spare prefix, I crafted "Cannot change prefixes" and used a caster reforge. This has a very high chance to get cast speed if your fractured mod is crit.

Grab a storm call enchanted ES helmet(armor ES works too). Will get to rolling these towards the end.

For jewellery, look for very high cast speed mirrored rings. The special base is not necessary. On rings, go for 30+ cast speed + Strength mod if possible on at least one. Any res/life is a bonus. For the amulet, go for cast speed + crit multiplier. Anything above 30 cast speed is fine along with 80+ crit multi. Try to avoid -max ES, reduced ES, and mods that lower chaos resistance or add a bunch of damage to attacks against you. Small amounts is fine.

For gearing, you will first want to buy the rings. These will set a baseline for your other gear.

Once you have your rings, start with your boots. I grabbed a 80 life fractured ES boots for about 10c. You can then spam shrieking zeals for 30 movespeed, or loathing for the ailment avoidance. If going the movespeed route, you will need a spare SUFFIX for crafting the mod. Then use eldritch currency to get another ailment avoidance mod. If you can orb of conflict this to exceptional, you can save one shield mastery point for something else.

Next you want your gloves. Lookup the focus mod and make sure it has 45+ cast speed. You can opt for about 100~ ES + life or go full ES on this one.

For the shield, a synthesised pure int base with reserved efficiency to start with. Then use reforge lightning OR scorn essences to get at least crit + spell damage or crit + lightning gems. Keep a spare suffix for focus mod.

Grab a 6 link shaper chest(armour ES preferred), and use reforge caster to get t1 crit + any life roll or high ES roll.

For the helmet, use shrieking greeds to get a decent life roll and fill out your resists.

For each piece of gear, you don't technically need life and go for ES instead. In the end, ideally you'd want around 66% of your life as ES. But that is not the case for me. Try to keep that in mind when crafting gear.

For the rest of the gearing, an arcane surge watcher eye with any bonus mods for determination or vitality is a bonus. If you manage to hit high regen, you can use RF for more damage at the cost of some survivability.

You do not need a divergent vaal storm call. But if you do persist on obtaining one, farm temples for lens corruption room. I never hit a 21/20 vaal gem in 5 tries, but got 2 divergent vaals.

Some boss showcases :
Aul : https://v.redd.it/qvx7e40uz5s91
The Twisted all at once : https://v.redd.it/kam9od6fnon91


Level 91: https://pastebin.com/H6YdbmsY
Level 95: https://pastebin.com/CVnqq9iu

Note that the level 95 POB does not have the avoid ailment mastery. This can be refunded if you manage to hit 120% chance to avoid ignite in the character defence sheet. To do this, you will need an exceptional eldritch craft on boot and a perfect roll on the chest craft. I used orb of conflicts to get the boot implicit.
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no POB?
Ah I forgot to post that. I've updated it at the bottom of the post.

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