[WIP][3 19] Cold Reap Inquisitor build Guide by Zxkredo - Lake of Kalandra

This Guide is work in progress
- make all uniques/gems a clickable link/item showcase
- PoB
- Gameplay footage?
- Levelling
- upgrade progression
- Uniques explained
- mechanics: low life petrified blood, cold coversion (why), awakened spell cascade (is it mandatory), corrupted soul, blood charges, high cast speed, at least 500 str, clusters, forbidden flame/flesh, unnatural instint position, impossible espace usage
- why inquisitor
- why reap
- why hrimsorrow and not rare gloves

[3.19] Cold Reap Inquisitor

I hope you will find what you need to build your own cold reap inquisitor after reading this guide.
Later you can find a pastebin for the PoB comunity fork if you prefer that and don't need the mechanics of the build explained.

Pros and Cons

What is the build good at?

+ Comfortable mapper, can do almost all mods //-add section explaining which and why
+ No problem doing regular end-game bosses
+ Uses 3 newly reworked uniques
+ Uses an interesting skill with high cast speed
+ Great defense //-add section explaining defensive layers
+ Customizable, many possible versions
+ Min-maxable //-add section for super end upgrades, like corruptions, explody wand/weapon
+ Easy mid-tier upgrades //-Greatly benefits from syntesised + essence crafting
+ Scales very well with levels, every skill point is a meaningful uprade
+ HC viable With changes from an experienced player

What does the build struggle with?

- Can be relativelly expensive
- Cannot expect to run t16 maps without an investment
- More advanced because of many game mechanics this build takes advatage of
- Expensive high tier upgrades, could get even more pricy with popularuty going up //-add section with alternatives
- Not ssf viable (except lighty or manni)

Why cold reap inquisitor?

Why Reap?
We could basically use any physical damage aoe spell with the same setup. However I chose reap because of how the skill feels and looks.
I've heard opinions that the skill has got a blind spot. This has not been an issue to me with awakened spell cascade.
Sometimes though, it is quite finnicky to hit all 4 reaps on one target to maximize your dps.

Why cold?
Cold damage is the best damage type in regards to defense. If the enemy can't move, they can't kill you. From an offensive side, hatred is the best damage aura if you can use both effects it provides. We can also very easily covert to cold with the use of unique gloves Hrimsorrow.

Why inquisitor?
This ascendacy provides everything we could ask for.
In terms of defense we get great recovery from consecrated ground and reduced curse effect on us.
In terms of offense we get to ignore enemy resistances on hits that are critical strikes and considerable amounts of increased critical strike chance, if we take advatage of one of the ascendacies mechanics. Details will be explained later.

Gem Links
//dont forget alternatives - alternate quality/awa gems
//other socket coulours
//is awa spell cascade mandatory?
//importance of quality

//section with all current ones
//section for each item slot
//unique list section?

Mechanics explained


Bandits / Pantheon
//Write the importance of upgrading pantheon and iterchangeability depending on content - imunity on burning ground must have for Searing exarch
//Badindits either alira or kill all, but look at pob to check which one. Explain that both can be used if 2 skill points provide more.

Upgrade progression

Path of Building

Alternative ideas
//Leaderships price, pain atunement on chest, spell suppression, rare gloves, avatar of fire, pbys to lighting,

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