[3.19] RF Jug with a twist | Concept made for AnnoyingDad Verson 1.0

Hey there exiles this is the first time I am posting one of my builds to the forums. So sorry if something is not formatted correctly.

Concept of the build:

- Wanting to maximize Damage reduction for as cheap as possible
- Uses Righteous Fire
- Can use RF even with no uniques for SSF


How the build works:

Using Glancing blows to cheaply get lots of block and spell block
-Note: The 65% damage modifier to hits with glancing blows gets added to
the regen of the untiring node from our ascendency.

-Chonkiest Tank there ever was
-Uses rf if you are addicted to it like everyone this league
-Can play with brain turned off due to very high damage reduction
-SSF viable and probably HC as well (Might test that later this league)
-Can play without even spending a single chaos

-Max dps is 1.2m so not going to be hitting hard
-Slow without Onslaught and vaal haste


The Passive tree and leveling:

Currently just a base PoB (Will be updated to have detailed and multi trees and item lists for different points while leveling):




So I just started recording but the build video will be posted later tonight and link will be updated ^_^

I will also link the streamer incase you want to see the build live:



Notes for future plans:
I plan to post updates to this build and I am more than happy to accept and criticism or roasting in order to make this build better. Nice to meet you exiles best of luck with Archnem.
Last bumped on Nov 21, 2022, 2:44:41 PM
you updating any of this?

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