Video Guide 3.10 Wander 12M Boss DPS Cold Power Siphon. Fast Clear Boss killer.

Full Video Guide:

Name: wanderscionttvwildkard Level 96 Accendant


League Start As A Wander:

League start as lighting then late game physical convert to cold.

Core Items:
320+ Physical DPS Wand
Hrimsorrow Goathide Gloves
Crown Of The Tyrant
Farrul's Fur
Elemental Weakness Curse on hit Ring
Circle Of Fear Herald of Ice buff Effect + Reduced Mana Reservation
Watcher's Eye Hatred added cold damage


Use Bow/Storm Cloud
Level 1-28 Ice Shot/added cold/added lightning/lesser multiple projectiles
Level 28-65 Scourge Arrow/added cold/added lighting/Elemental damage with attack
Wrath/herald of thunder

Use Moonsorrow+ Poet's Pen
Level 59+ Poets Pen (Chain Lighting/curse on hit/elemental weakness)
Power Siphon/added cold/added lighting/elemental damage with attack/chain/inspiration
Wrath/herald of thunder

Don't need Farrul's fur cos u get power charges from power siphon,
Don't run skitter bots. run wrath and herald of thunder instead or herald of ice if u want chill.
Instead of Chain support you can craft Projectiles Pierce Additional Target on a rare helm and link extra damage on your 6 link-- added lighting/added cold/elemental damage with attack/inspiration/hypothermia or Ele focus/energy leech.

Switch to phys convert to cold once you get a wand with 320+ physical dps
Lab: Get both Pathfinder and Juggernaut ascendancy before connecting to Ranger Starting Nodes.
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Would you have an updated PoB with level 100 setup?

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