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WARNING: The build requires legacy gear to work, so it's not designed for temporary leagues. If you don't ever play standard league, don't read on, the guide is useless for you.

Before the launch of 3.9 i've already been pretty bored of playing windripper-mf-builds and was looking for something re-freshing.

The game changed a lot over the last couple of years and while playing the same content for the same loot over and over again may still work, there is so much more these days. - A lot of interesting content with interesting rewards.

Since i've mostly been playing caustic-arrow-builds as league-starter for the last couple of leagues, i knew the build translates very well into pretty much everything and with 3.9 a lot of new crafting options appeared. - Specificly the hunter exalted orb was in many ways the one thing needed to realize a dot-based magic find build.

So what can the build do for you?

  • It can handle all bosses safely, including Sirus (lvl8), Uber-Elder, Shaper, Catarina, Uber-Atziri, Aul, Kurgal and Ahuatotli.
  • It's got great coverage for quick mapping with caustic arrow and a toxic-raining-mirage-archer plus 180% + movement speed.
  • It can be pretty tanky with 6.5k+ life, a lot of evasion, dodge and decent life regeneration.
  • You can reach up to 1k delve-depth. The sweet spot depending on gear is probably more like 600-800 though.
  • It's able to carry a decent amount of item quantity (120%+) while everything said above is still very true.
  • It's expensive, but nowadays you can craft everything yourself, even though it may take some patience and exalted orbs, of course. I've done it for 95% of my gear myself and will try to help you with some advices.

Important: This guide will focus on min-maxing, magic find and endgame. If you are taking your first steps into the build and do need advices for leveling or item-choices with moderate prices, i'd like to re-direct you to the wonderful guide of DankawSL: LINK.

◄ Passive Tree & Skills ►

◄ Passive Tree ►

Regular Tree: Basic Tree Raider (Kill All Bandits/Eramir's favour)

Recommended pathing for a ranger with a setup of 5 cluster jewels (1 large, 2 medium, 2 small ones) and up to 4 regular jewels. You'll only need one regular jewel slot for a watcher's eye though. Only go for more jewelslots, if you got really powerful ones.

Ascendancy: Raider with Rapid Assault, Avatar of the Chase, Quartz Infusion and Avatar of the Veil or Way of the Poacher (LINK)

Avatar of the Chase provides great defences and speed, while Quartz Infusion provides reliable perma-phasing, which is very much needed for a movement-speed stacking build. The final 2 points will most likely have to go into Avatar of the Veil for elemental ailment immunity. If you can handle ailments with gear, you can go for Way of the Poacher for a reliable way of gaining frenzy charges.

Pantheon: Soul of Arakaali or Soul of Lunaris & Soul of Ryslatha (LINK)

Soul of Lunaris has great synergy with the build by improving dodge/avoid-mechanics and should be taken, if you are going for Avatar of the Veil. Avatar of Arakaali does help with damage over time and shock effects and should be taken, if you are going for Way of the Poacher. For the minor gods Soul of Ryslatha is pretty much set in stone. Refilling your Life Flask passivly, is a huge upgrade for long boss fights like Sirus.

Clusters: A setup of 1 Large Cluster Jewel, 2 Medium Cluster Jewels and 2 Small Cluster Jewels (LINK); The Large Cluster Jewel has to be connected to the tree at the jewel slot above Acrobatics.

Please note: The Large Cluster Jewel has to be at least ilvl75 to roll 2 jewel-slots, which is needed to make the setup work. All cluster jewels have all their highest tiers available at ilvl84. All the powerful chaos/dot-nodes are available with the enchantments of "% increased chaos damage" (Large Cluster Jewels) and "+% to chaos damage over time multiplier" (Medium Cluster Jewels). For the small ones i recommend the entchantment of "% increased maximum life" to get the powerful life related nodes available. For more detail about the cluster jewels check the Equipment & Crafting section.

◄ Skills ►

  • Caustic-Arrow, 6-Link:
  • Toxic-Rain, 6-Link:
  • Wither-Totem, 4-Link:
  • Auras, 3-Link:
  • CWDT, 3 Link:
  • Singles:

The setup is made to actively use Caustic Arrow while keeping Mirage Archer up to passivly spamming Toxic Rain while mapping. For bosses it's upside down: You'll keep the caustic arrow puddle up, while spamming activly toxic rain assisted by your Mirage Archer. Keep the wither totem up at bosses for a maximum of wither-stacks. The cast when damage taken setup does help with more life regeneration via Stone Golem and an additional health pool via Steelskin. For the Auras you go for Malevolence and (Vaal) Grace with a lvl4 enlighten. Blink Arrow is a nice addition to cross gaps.
Optional: For a lot more item quantity you can use the legacy Item Quantity Support-Gem instead of Concentrated Effect at Caustic Arrow and Efficacy at Toxic Rain. - Your damage will still be more than good enough for 95% of content, but you may struggle at boss fights like a lvl8 sirus for example.

◄ Equipment & Crafting ►

◄ Setup Overview ►

The setup is rather simple and it's focus is about a few modifiers: Capping your resistances, getting as much life as possible, stacking item quantity and adding damage modifiers like "damage over time multiplier", "chaos damage over time multiplier", "increased chaos damage" and "increased damage". Key item are the bow to increase the gemlevel of caustic arrow heavily and a Queen of the Forest to enhance your movement speed. A hunter-ring gives you despair on hit, while the helmet enchantment (reduced mana reservation for grace or malevolence) enables you to use "Aspect of the Spider" alongside "Grace" and "Malevolence", if you do reduce the mana cost for Caustic Arrow and Toxic Rain on rings and amulet with the bench-craft-prefix.

◄ Crafting in General ►

General, important information about crafting: LINK

Do always use PoEDB while crafting. Not only you can check the possible pre- and suffixes by itemslot, but the possible tiers by itemlevel and the chances to roll the wanted modifier by weighting as well.

Your starting point for a lot of item slots should look like the selection of items above. These legacy magic bases aren't rare and can be bought, or copied for reasonable prices. If you got one base for a slot, you can multiplicate it as much as you like or need to with beast crafting. You'll need the following beasts to do it: Craicic Chimeral (Imprint Beast) & Fenumal Plagued Arachnid (Split Beast), which can be bought as well. For the process to duplicate the base items, check the video of Amigo Boys: LINK.

This way you can generate infinite trys of crafting with the legacy "% item quantity mod". Combined with a Hunter's Exalted Orb and a few other crafting techiques (which i'll discuss item slot by item slot) later on, it's a reliable way of creating very powerful items for a lot of your item slots.

◄ Bow ►


General Information: The best way to enhance Caustic Arrow's damage is to increase the gem-level. Therefore a bow with as much + gem-level-modifiers as possible is the way to go. A legacy synthesis base with +1 level to socketed gems and + 1 level to socketed support or bow gems as implicits crafted with faceted fossils has the most potential. With a bow like the one shown above, you can reach a gemlevel of 33 just from the bow itself. Do not use slow bow-bases like a harbinger, it's not only uncomfortable for Caustic Arrow, but actually really bad for spamming Toxic Rain. The base should have 1.4+ base-attack-speed, if possible.

Crafting Advices: PoEDB
-more to come soon-

◄ Quiver ►


General Information:

For dot-builds the slot was more or less a "what-ever"-slot for a long period of time, but this changed a lot. Maloney's Mechanism was already a decent option before GGG added some powerful pre- & suffixes for dot-builds. First and foremost the suffixes "to Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier" (Hunter) and "to Damage over Time Multiplier" (Basic) do increase the dps a lot, but there are more useful affixes now, like: "Bow Attacks fire an additional Arrow" (Shaper, Warlord), "increased Movement Speed" (Shaper, Hunter), "Projectiles Pierce an additional Target" (Elder, Hunter), "increased Area of Effect" (Elder, Warlord) and life, of course.
For the base i'd recommend a "Penetrating Arrow Quiver", because each "Pierce"-Effect basically enlarges the size of the Caustic-Arrow-Puddle.

Crafting Advices: PoEDB
-more to come soon-

◄ Helmet ►


General Information: -more to come soon-
Crafting Advices: PoEDB
-more to come soon-

◄ Amulet ►


General Information: -more to come soon-
Crafting Advices: PoEDB
-more to come soon-

◄ Rings ►


General Information: -more to come soon-
Crafting Advices: PoEDB
-more to come soon-

◄ Body Armour ►


General Information: Queen of the forest to get up to 75% additional movement speed. The unique body armour has got legacy variations. While the nerf to maximum movement speed has affected all variations (from 100% to 75%), the nerf to "% increased evasion" and more importantly "the movementspeed per xxx evasion" - modifier has not. If possible, get a legacy Queen of the Forest with increased movement speed per 450 and not 600 evasion. - It will be a lot more easy to cap the movementspeed-potential with a legacy variation of the item.
Just like gemlevel-modifiers are very powerful for Caustic Arrow, they are equally powerful for Toxic Rain, which is why corruptions are insanely beneficial here. With the Locus of Corruption you got a chance to be granted two random corrupted implicit modifiers. A combination out of the possible modifiers "+1 to Level of Socketed Gems", "+2 to Level of Socketed AoE Gems", "+2 to Level of Socketed Duration Gems" and "+2 to Level of Socketed Projectile Gems" gives you 3, or 4 extra gem-levels for Toxic Rain.

◄ Gloves ►


General Information: -more to come soon-
Crafting Advices: PoEDB
-more to come soon-

◄ Belt ►


General Information: -more to come soon-
Crafting Advices: PoEDB
-more to come soon-

◄ Boots ►


General Information: -more to come soon-
Crafting Advices: PoEDB
-more to come soon-

◄ Flasks ►


General Information: -more to come soon-
Crafting Advices: PoEDB
-more to come soon-

◄ Regular Jewels ►


General Information:

A Watcher's Eye with 2, or better 3 of the following mods (in order of priority):
  • +(18-22)% to Damage over Time Multiplier while affected by Malevolence
  • Unaffected by Bleeding while affected by Malevolence
  • (10-15)% increased Movement Speed while affected by Grace
  • (30-50)% chance to Blind Enemies which Hit you while affected by Grace
  • (6-10)% chance to Dodge Attack Hits while affected by Grace
  • +(5-8)% chance to Evade Attack Hits while affected by Grace
  • (15-20)% increased Recovery rate of Life and Energy Shield while affected by Malevolence
  • Unaffected by Poison while affected by Malevolence

Up to 3 regular rare jewels. That's kinda optional and the jewel slots should be the last 6 passive tree points to spent on. - And only if you got really powerful jewels, because there are still some decent passives being left on the tree, like "Heart of Oak", "Master of the Arena" or "Trickery".

If you go for rare jewels, the following mods are the desired ones (in order of priority):
  • (5–7)% increased maximum Life (Prefix)
  • (13–19)% increased Chaos Damage (Suffix, Abberant Fossil only)
  • +(3–4)% to Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier (Suffix)
  • (9–13)% increased Chaos Damage (Prefix)
  • Regenerate 0.3% of Life per second (Prefix, Pristine Fossil only)
  • (10–12)% increased Projectile Damage (Suffix)
  • (10–12)% increased Damage over Time (Suffix)
  • (10–12)% increased Area Damage (Suffix)
  • (6–8)% increased Attack Speed with Bows (Prefix)
  • (8–10)% increased Damage (Suffix)
  • (3–5)% increased Attack Speed (Suffix)
  • (2–4)% increased Attack and Cast Speed (Suffix)
  • +(8–10)% to all Elemental Resistances (Suffix)

Don't go for damage-modifiers called "with bows", or "with attacks". These modifiers do not work with Caustic Arrow.

Crafting Advices: PoEDB - Viridian Jewel PoEDB - Cobalt Jewel PoEDB - Crimson Jewel
-more to come soon-

◄ Cluster Jewels ►


General Information: -more to come soon-
Crafting Advices: PoEDB - Large Cluster Jewel PoEDB - Medium Cluster Jewel PoEDB - Small Cluster Jewel
-more to come soon-

◄ 2nd Weapon Slot ►


General Information:

The second weapon slot hasn't got any build-defining impact, but it's a great opportunity of passivly leveling valuable gems like empower, enlighten or awakener support gems. A bow plus Maloney's Mechanism will gain you 9 additional gem slots to make some extra profit.
A bow with gem-quality-modifiers on top will increase the experience gained for enlighten and empower.

◄ Magic Find ►

One question still needs to be answered: Why do i even care about optimizing my character for Magic Find? The crafting is more complicated and expensive and the potential results sometimes less powerful. To answer the question i'd like to refer to 2 statements first:

Mark_GGG on Aug 2, 2013, 4:05:00 AM:

IIQ makes more items drop. It does not change the chances of any particular drop being an orb. Thus, since more items are dropping and each has the same chance to be an orb, you'll get more orbs overall. The same percentage of your drops are currency, so more drops means more total currency.

IIR only affects the rarities of dropped items (normal, magic, rare, unique). Since currency items have no rarity, it cannot affect them.

tolos on reddit, few years ago:

As stated by GGG, IIQ suffers from diminishing returns. A baseline of 517 drops per 100 Hillock kills is established by averaging the number of drops with no IIQ. The expected number of items dropped by increasing IIQ can be predicted by multiplying the baseline by 1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8, and this can be compared to the average number of drops for each amount of IIQ (Chart 1 [4]). This shows that after the first 20 IIQ, the effective IIQ decreases non-linearly by about 5% per 20 IIQ.

There are mainly 3 conculsions to be made, because of these statements:

  • If you can clear any given map as fast with increased item quantity as without, you'll gain more currency per hours played.
  • If you do enhance your maps big time with chisels, chaosing, additional map mods, fragments, sextants and so on (which you should), you'll gain more currency back for currency spent on enhancing the map.
  • Because of the diminishing return of item quantity you should be aiming for getting as much increased item quantity without losing any clear speed, or content you can handle.

That's the reason i've made the build the way i did it. I wanted a build just as fast and powerful as i can, while still having a very high amount of quantity, so i can deal with any given (enhanced) content just as fast and safe, as i could do without the amount of quantity i got.

◄ Path of Building & Videos ►

◄ Path of Building ►

Pastebin-Link: Level 100 Raider

Please note: Pob cannot show or calculate a lot of stuff accuratly. Therefore it does need quite some inside to understand the results. The toxic rain damage calculation isn't really meaningful for example. If you do want to calculate your toxic rain damage correctly, use the following link to a spreadsheet posted on reddit: LINK.

◄ Videos ►

  • Magic Find - Caustic Arrow & Toxic Rain [3.10 SSC]: Impressions of a Caustic Arrow- & Toxic Rain - MF - Build (120% Item Quantity). Including Uber Atziri, Shaper, Uber Elder, lvl8 Sirus, Awakener and league mechanics like Metamorph, lvl922 Delve, Legion & Harbinger.

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  • 04/03/2020: Equipment/Crafting in progression. No Videos uploaded yet. Everything else is done.
  • 04/05/2020: First Video added: "Magic Find - Caustic Arrow & Toxic Rain [3.10 SSC]", Impressions including Uber Atzri, Shaper, Uber Elder and lvl8 Sirus, Awakener.

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waiting for update ;)
dfda91 wrote:
waiting for update ;)

Yes, sorry, haven't got enough time to finish the guide yet. Therefore i am trying to update and finish it step by step. The most important stuff should be done, so you guys should be able to get an impression, but i'll add more over the next couple of days (mostly the crafting parts for each item-slot). The first videos i can hopefully record and cut next weekend.

how to get iiq on influenced item? imprint iiq first, apply influence orb then use the imprint back? it doesn't rollback the influence?
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... -- Bex_GGG
estu87 wrote:
how to get iiq on influenced item? imprint iiq first, apply influence orb then use the imprint back? it doesn't rollback the influence?

Just slamming the influence-exalted-orb on a rare Item with quantity, but without any influence. - But i'll give more inside on how to craft these items slot by slot. Just haven't finished the crafting-part for most slots yet.

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Added the first Video:

Magic Find - Caustic Arrow & Toxic Rain [3.10 SSC]

Will try to get the remaining writing stuff done soon.

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Hi I'm just curious would legacy gear exist on ps4? I'm unsure and just started playing it on there. I'm interested in the build but wonder if its even possible on the ps4 platform.
Hi I'm just curious would legacy gear exist on ps4? I'm unsure and just started playing it on there. I'm interested in the build but wonder if its even possible on the ps4 platform.

I've never played ps4, but it should not. The ps-release was way later than the removal of quantity-suffixes. Something like the bow-base should exist though, because synthesis was after the ps-launch, if i remember correctly.

Last edited by basta1982 on Apr 8, 2020, 9:56:38 PM

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