3.6 Lamborghini 300 MS Death Oath Live based build Pathfinder uberLab farmer and guardians shaper

DPS before mods reductions:
Essence drain 350k +
Bane 95k +
Death Aura 100k = 545k DPS

+No WinterOrb build, & Death Oath "meme" Build
+>300 Movement Speed
+No hands (excep in bosses)
+Can Dodge all because the speed on bosses

-Low HP and 0% tanky
-Damage Over Time

Attack mechanics: is simple, equip Death Oath and RUN! :
You need chaos resistance +60% and x2
to explode all mobs quickly.

Defense mechanics:

+300% Movement Speed & Flaks is our Defense, anyway you are enought faster, mobs usually didn't see anything!

Talking about the build:
1.Demonstration of the build.
Well today I bring you the "Lamborghini" build that I've been playing these days with the Death Oath body armour. It's a idea of a faster build and it's a little memebuild, although I've found a very fast and not very expensive build that I recommend to do Laberinth in 5-7min each run collecting keys and darkshrines. A very fun build to play and quick cleaning (without going to party) all tiers. And being able to kill Guardians and shapers, it is necessary to give them some turns, it becomes very funny although not very efficient. I leave all the videos for you to comment on the mechanics.
2.Explanation of the mechanics of the build.
The idea of ​​the build came out of a very fast build especially for linear maps and you do not even have to stop to cast every so often as the WinterOrb. WinterOrb has more area and damage but hey I wanted to see how he could take advantage of the death oath bib looking for speed. The choice of Pathfinder to Life is required to overcome 300% of movement Speed. Although the easiest option for the mechanics of Death Oath would be with Occultist CI that would take more damage and more survival. Any questions or suggestions about this build or similar are well received because killing without moving a muscle using this shirt is hilarious and I do not rule out using it later in other versions.
2.1. Mechanics of damage.
The mechanics of damage, attentive Death Oath breastplate gives us lvl 20 death aura skill, so that the support gems placed in the chest increase the damage of this aura without having to be linked. This aura activates itself and damages chaos in the area around us. Using my 2 favorite clubs, 2 Obliteration mobs have a 40% chance to explode when they die making 25% of their maximum life (this damage is increased by the increased damage damage, increased damage and more global damage that we have in the build). what as soon as we kill 1-2 mobs the chain reaction will end with the whole pack. This with our 300% MS allows us to make maps like Wasted Pool in 40seconds or even less.
2.2. Defense mechanics
Unfortunately here there is not much, our speed is the best defensive mechanics in bosses we can dodge everything even in the guardians. The equipment that I carry is not at all defensive, I have the life of 4 items: helmet, belt and offhand boots to gain speed. So if you prefer more life and less speed you can vary the build a bit. You have to reach a + 60% resistance to the chaos to mitigate the degen of 450 per second that applies the chest after killing 1 enemy for 3 seconds.
3. Mandatory Items - Items to look for and improve.
Chestpiece: Death's Oath with 3 blue 2 green 1 red. That's 5 OffColour the average is 3700-7000 chromatics see how to do it in the video of the description with between 900-1500 jewells.
Weapons: My 2 favorite sticks 2 obliteration for chaos chain reaction explosions.
The rest of the items are chosen at my choice either for movement speed or for resistance to chaos to reach + 60% and also have elemental resistances.
Helmet: Devoto's Devotion
Gloves: Rare with life chaos resis and elemental resis.
Amulet: Impresence (mod Despair reduced mana reservation is not used because we are pathfinder and we always have active WitchfireBrew potion, so you can use any other amulet with chaos resis life and increased damage over time). Or an Eye of chayula and thus not need chaos resis in gloves and helmet.
Rings with life and resistances and strenght.
Belt: String of Servitude (I have tested HH and I have not noticed that the damage improves).
Boots: Seven-League Step. You could use boots with + 50% movement speed and onslaught. But I have not done much min max and I have left these.
For single target bosses use Essence Drain on the cane CaneOfUnravelling on the secondary equipment.
4.Combos de gemas.
Chest: NO LINKS NEED all gems support the ability of the bib without the need to be linked! ConcentratedEffect + ArcaneSurge + Efficacy + SwiftAffilction + VoidManipulation + LessDuration.
This is curious, because when you put ArcaneSurge the aura of the bib takes the duration tag and then the LessDuration affects it. Empower, for example, does not raise the level, I suppose the cap is marked by the attribute of the bib.
4L Bane + TemporalChains + Despair + Efficacy
4L Defensive and auras. CWDT + ImmortalCall Leave at low levels. PurityOfElements + Malevolence
4L Speed: PhaseRun + IncreasedDuration + Efficacy + Enhance
6L Single target on the cane CaneOfUnravelling: EssenceDrain + EfficacySupport + VoidManipulation + Empower + ControlledDestruction + SwiftAffilction

Bubbling Eternal Life of Staunching. Semi insta life recovery with antibleed.
WitchfireBrew To apply Dispair level 21.
Alchemist's Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline. The famous ferrari potion.
Cinderswallow or Silver Flask. It gives us onslaught (20% movement and it recovers life to us to kill) A Silver Flask with antifreeze is almost better idea, but good those are the 2 options.
Experimenter's Sulfur Flask of Warding. Anticipatory suffix duration prefix 40% increased damage option.

6. Panton.
Elder God: I recommend Soul of Arakaali for the damage over time, but Soul of the brine king for the stun and the freeze is also a good option.
Younger God: Soul of Ryslatha
Nature's Adrenaline
Nature's Boon
Nature's Reprisal
I recommend Master Alchemist to map
and replace it with the small Toxicist master node for more damage and speed.
8. Passive tree.
The passive tree for leveling is simple to leave the nodes of auras for the end and prioritize in reaching the double curse level with the Bane 4L to level 70 where we equip the chest and wands and we can start the party (remember to upload the Chaos resistance)

Video Guide: (english subtittles)

More Videos



Here is my actual gear. A lot of things can be upgraded. I just use this for labs so Speed improves are enought for me:


I hope you like and feel free to ask & feedback!

Or ask in my stream: Spanish/English

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/anubisquall
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Looks fun, will definitely try this out!

DexlaFF wrote:
Looks fun, will definitely try this out!

Yea, is really funny and viable to do some end content, I didn't expect it when I thought about the idea of "Death Oath" pathfinder Life Based OMEGALUL
im playing this in synthesis league. its awesome to zoom thru maps.

i got lucky in cruel lab
How does Arcane surge support this... it doesn't cost any mana, right? Need to spend mana for Arcane Surge... or what am I missing? Thanks.
Ok, about the Arcane Surge, I read your explanation. Still not sure I get how that actually works but it makes enough sense to leave it until I know otherwise. I only have one green slot and two red as that is the best I could manage with the 2500 chromatic orbs I had. :/

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