3.5 Crit Storm Brand Hierophant (WIP) Beginner Friendly / Budget

Hey all. This is my first guide after many hours of PoE - Be kind with me and give constructive feedback if you have.

You might like this build if you identify yourself with some of the following points:
# I like "one-shotting" monster packs
# I like to pick up stuff while everything dies even off-screen
# I don't want to stand still to cast something
# I like to be very tanky
# I don't want to spend 5ex on a build enabling item

Current Progress
# Character Level 92
# Deepest dig in Delve: 100
# Highest Map: T16 Lair of the Hydra (corrupted)
# All Labyrinth's (Normal, Cruel, Merciless, Uber)
# Atziri (deathless)
# Shaper / Elder (not faced yet)
# Syndicate members and safehouse (3-star)
# Syndicate MasterMind failed first time, because I didn't inform about the fight
# Abyssal Lich (deathless)
# Bestiary boss "Craiceann" (deathless)
# Breachlords (not faced yet)

1) Pro / Con

# More enemies - much better! Twin map bosses are a joke and die in a second
# Can be used very early and doesn't need a big respec neither requires any unique
# Very cheap (around 5c everything possible until T10 maps)
# Tanky since 40-50% of damage is taken from mana
# Clears everything extremly fast and even offscreen with just a 3-link

# Single targets with high health pool can be painful (WIP - no longer that painful)
# Elemental reflect is a NO GO!

1.1) Why are we that tanky?

Mind over Matter
50% of damage is taken from mana. In combined with the new crafting we can "avoid" like 15% of the damage (without even leeching)

Spell Leech
Acendancy + Enchantement on boots

Elemental aliments immunitiy
Due to ascendancy "Arcane Blessing" we got immunity to status aliments

Gem setup
Cast when Damage taken, tempest shield

3) Skills

Check out my character for now => yUnoBRAND

- Storm Brand (AoE, clearing)
- Lightning Spire Trap (single target).

4) Gear

Check out my character for now => yUnoBRAND


+2 for some extra dmg with low investment


10% of damage taken from life (with tree and ascendancy we go up to 50%)

Here is my gear which I used until level 93 - Gonna invest some currency now.

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hmm maybe just throw in lightning spire in 4 link for extra single target?
Good advice mate. This is exactly what I tested yesterday and it worked very well :)

Will keep taht for some maps / bosses and update the guide then. Thank you!
This build looks interesting since it really seems to rely a bunch on the mana and mana regen to make MoM be a strong defensive mechanic. Though I am curious how's the overall single target dps with only a 3link on Storm Brand albeit Lightning Spire trap as your boss killer type skill and SB itself mainly for trash clear.

Would like to see you put up a video for it maybe when u reach T15/T16 maps sometime.

Also strangely enough, wands with those exact mod types went up a lot in price in the past 24 hours of me posting this. I saw them for less than 15c before, now they're much more than that in BSC.
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possible for a lvl 20/40/60/80/100 breakdown of the tree?
Any info on what the best gem setup for crit storm brand is? Also how is the build doing in high tier maps? Trying to decide between crit and non crit version...
IGN - CuttyWise
How to activate Arcane Surge if you dont use a totem? Or are you just using a low level arcane surge support gem on any skill?
AceNightfire, he gets arcane surge on hit with any spell via his ascendancy.

I'm wondering what you think about herald of thunder with this build and what about Inpulsa's ?

Thank you

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