[3.1 HC | Video Guide] Golemancer | Fire Golems Ele/Guard Ascendant | Great Mapper | MFing

First of all i would like to mention that i want to avoid text of walls in this guide, so let's start.
English isn't my native language.

Video Guide:
[3.1 HC | Video Guide] Golemancer | Fire Golems Ele/Guard Ascendant | Great Mapper | MFing

feel free to ask questions and leave Feedback for improvements!!!

The Guide also includes gameplay footage:
[[3.1 HC | Video Guide] Golemancer | Fire Golems Ele/Guard Ascendant | Great Mapper | MFing

more vids soon.

Twitch --> if u wanna see some live action.

Current gear:

Gear in general:

We start gear section with the most important stuff for golemancers, the jewels.

My setup consists of 1 Anima Stone, 1 Primordial Might and 8 Primordial Harmony

The Primordial Might isn’t mandatory at all to get the build going, but i recommend getting one if you like the build, it’s quality of life.
Anima Stone gives you 2 additional golems, so it’s a no brainer.
Stacking Primordial Harmonies reduces the cooldown for Magma Balls ability, which is your main damage source.

I’m running 5 Flame Golems, for general map clear it’s just fine, so i never tried something else.
As i know, the best single target setup consists of 3 flame 1 ice and one lightning golem.

But to be honest guys, if you wanna go into indepth’s analysis regarding best setups for golems and jewels, official poe forum is your friend.
And yes, I don’t use Primordal eminence jewels, just don’t need them...

For your gear you primarily need to look for affixes such as Elemental Resistances, Life and Mana on all your stuff. I recommend using Opal Rings for max deeps… as you can see, i go for a mix between damage and mf. As i mentioned, the gear isn’t min maxed yet.

Especially this league i’d recommend using a 6link rare chest rolled with essence of horror over a belly. It’s like lightning coil without the resistance penalty! Physical Mitigation is king for abyss league and there mobs.

Only required unique item is Clayshaper for that additional Golem. Costs 1 alchemy.

6 link
Summon Flame Golem - GMP - Spell Echo - Minion Damage- Controlled Destru - Empower / Ele Focus

3 Link
CwdT - Enfeeble - Immortal Call

3 Link
Shield Charge - FA - Fortify

3 Link
Vaal Haste - Flesh Offering - Inc. Duration

4 Link
Ball Lightning - GMP - CoH - Flammability

Clarity, Convocation, Decoy Totem

Level your golemancer as SRS, therefore grab Life, Mana and Minion Damage nodes on the tree first.
You can switch over to flame golems on 41, after getting Clayshaper. Flame golems are pretty op for leveling! But make sure you already have Anima Stone and at least one Primordial Harmony Jewel active!

Kill all bandits and grab the 2 passive points instead.

My Ascendancy Class of choice for this build are Elementalist / Guardian.

I don’t wanna start a discussion about Necromancer versus Scion here.

But All in all i think Scion is just better for Golemancers. It gives you so much quality of life.

You have access to more jewels and passive points, get a bunch of attack speed for you and golems, get rid of any attribute problem and rather can use mf gear, for example the beloved biscos….
and on top you get an additional Golem! Also 50% reduced Damage reflect on elementalist + pantheons reflect allows you to run ele reflect maps. So you can run any map mod.

Sure, also necro has advantages but i mean scion is at least same level.
If you don’t think so, just go for Necro instead!

tree lvl92

Bandits: kill all
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does the volatile dead do something or it just looks cool?
actually it does decent damage and increases your clearspeed in open maps a lot! goodbye stragglers
What about pantheon?
sorry for Ultra late Reply LUL

im usin Soul of Lunaris + Soul of Shakari or Soul of Ralakesh

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