[3.1] Volatile dead totems

This is my first time ever writing down a build I came up with, because mostly they don't work. This one does however so far, so I thought it might be interesting to see what suggestions people have for improvements.

The idea is simple enough:
- get totems to cast Volatile Dead
- get other totems to make sure there are corpses to explode using Unearth
- run around and try not to die

The build uses four totems, one extra comes from Soul Mantle and the other one from the Hierophant ascendancy.

Level 70 tactics:
I always start with a totem casting Unearth and then follow with one using Volatile Dead and then either two more Volatile Dead, or one Unearth and one Volatile Dead, depending on the number of monsters I'm facing. Somewhere in the middle an Orb of Storms is inserted for extra boom, because it applies Flammability and triggers Elemental Overload.

At the moment I always do one Unearth then three Volatile dead and the Orb of Storms. It's hard to see, but I think this gets the best screen melting results (and stuff in range offscreen is also dead).

Gear and tree level 70-ish:

Current gear and gem links, level 86. Mostly small upgrades, but also a 5-link Soul Mantle now, yay! I also tried Kaom's Roots, but I did not like how slow they made me.

Current skill tree, level 86

As said this is the first time I write something like this, so any suggestions are welcome.

Edit 21-12-2017: The character is level 86 now, updated gear and gem links and added current skill tree and tactics update.
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I had the similar build in my mind, so after some google search I found your thread. Also did some modification on my hierophant (4 frostbolt/freezing pulse spell totem) to test a similar build. He is now modified to put 2 x uneart and 2 x volatile dead totems at the same time.

But according to my observations, maximum number of volatile dead orbs summoned is limited to 9-10 or so. Have you noticed a similar thing?
Fun to see someone else try this! It's still working well for me up to T10 maps at the moment (highest I found so far), Uber Labyrinth was a piece of cake once I finally found the last trial.

It's a bit difficult to see, but I'm pretty sure that I get more than ten orbs at a time. Corpses are consumed as fast as they are created I think. Also I'm generally only putting down one Unearth at the moment because that seems to be enough and there's a maximum of ten corpses for Unearth anyway (I replaced the added fire damage on unearth with faster casting).
hmm no additions in a while, looks like this is a failed build.

Surviveability, doesn't look promising. Seems like it would be a
super glass cannon, if it could get to be a cannon at all.
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You're right. I'm stuck at T13 and not going anywhere with this build, damage is good, but survival isn't. Apart from a decent pool of life and energy shield, there's not much defense. And it's not enough for the dificult stuff.

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