[3.0] Our Daily Bread Explosive Arrow Cast When Stunned Templar w/EE (WIP)

It's all about the mana in this build.
The EE is for Elemental Equilibrium

Gist of Build:

You build as much mana as you can for the Hierophant and equip a Kitava's Thirst + a bunch of cast when stun gems. Hierphant is PERFECT for this build as he will even turn your helm, gloves, and boots in to 5 links also, improving your cast when stunned devastation!

Note:(My current ensemble is incomplete. At some point I would have to fill my Quill rain with as many blue gems as possible so that it can also house some cast when stun effects!)

The main gems you want are frost wall in the helmet. It makes you super defensive in 90% of situation. Seriously, it's not even funny and your arrows will fly right through it. Cold Snap and Ice Nova compliment your defenses as well. Blink arrow will help you also move around your plentiful cute and yummy frost walls.

So just picture a situation where you have 2/3 frost walls up and it's up to YOU to decide whether you want to allow your cast when stuns to go off. That's how the gameplay is. Nobody usually touches you, but when they do, they get punished. And thanks to Hierphant, you get leech from your boots! Ya see, that's the real point of this.

The other main gem is actually magma orb. You want to use 2 Inevitibility unique Jewels in order to boost the power of magam orb so that spamming it out of both your kitava's AND your cast when stunned setup will fill the room with magma orbs when you are under pressure. Ok, maybe I exaggerate a bit but it sounds good.

Current Stats

Level 70
5k ES
1k Life
DPS - Hell, I have no idea but it blows shit up real gud.


Well, I basically just have to find better jewels and top tier rares to increase ES. Then I have to bravely corrupt the chest I'm wearing in order to try for +1. Meanwhile, just travel across the tree into shadow area, for more attack speed, crit, and energy shield.

Also, at some point I need to fill the Quill Rain with Blue sockets (lil 'spensive to do) So I can load it up with more Cast when Stun gems.



Not sure how to post trees anymore.
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