[3.0] Birddog's Icecube Melter! - Cospri's Malice - Inquisitor - All content done - Video added

Yo Peeps!

I've been having so much fun, making a fine tuning this build, that I wanted to share it.
It's no original! There's a lot of ideas taken from other players, and the build have been done a lot of time. This is just my take on it. And there wasn't a good Inquisitor cospri's build out there, so I made my own.

Heres a short video of some game play.

It's easy and very smooth to run maps. It got a ton of damage and speed.
Sure there are builds designed to kill bosses, and this it not the main focus. But I've done all guardians and Shaper, it wasn't deathless but it worked fine.

The basics - Uniques:
This is a build using. Its required and recommended to dual wield.

Also the 40 % conversion enchant for Glacial Cascade is very help full, and saves a handful of skill points on the tree.

And i'm using 1 of these for a bit of AoE

Other than that there's no required Uniques. But I recommend using a 6L Belly of The Beast

Pros and Cons:


Easy to level
Fast clear speed
Whirling Blades - easy to dodge around in arcade boss fights
Freezes all trash - no spikes from porcupine ;o)

Dual curse - boss modifier to curses
Vaal Pact - it's Vaal Pact

How the build came to be:

The build started as I idea to make a Cyclone Cospri's Malice build. I had locked the idea on Inquisitor, because I wanted to skip whole Penetration aspect, and just rely on the Ascendensy. But for Cyclone to work you need a lot of movement speed, which I didn't get. And it got slow and didn't feel that awesome.
But then Mathil made a Scion with Cospri's Malice and he used Blade flurry! Inspired by the new Skill, the build started to shape up and have become one of my strongest all around builds.

Path of Building Link:


Passive Tree:

My profile is open and you can take a look at the character Birddogs

My Gear:


Gem links: Other than Body and weapons, place the gems where the color is easiest to fit in

6 linked Body:
Blade Flurry - Cast on crit - Freezing pulse - Glacial Cascade - Increased Crit - Cold to Fire
If you dont have the Helm Enchant for Glacial Cascade. I recommend life leech instead of cold to fire and only running Ass. Mark and using the skill points from the extra curse (Whispers of Doom) to get Winter Spirit skill node.

2 times 3 Linked weapons:

Freezing Pulse - Ele Focus - Cold to Fire
Glacial Cascade - Ele Focus - Concentrated Effect
These 3 linked spells is amazing damage!

2+1+1 linked helmet:

We are using CWDT and Immortal Call for obvious reasons
Ice Golem (ofcause) Helps with Accuracy and crit
Ancestral Protector for the amazing attack speed against bosses

4 linked Gloves:

Blasphemy - Warlord's Mark - Ass. Mark - Enlighten

3 + 1 Linked Boots:

Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Fortify
Herald of Ice


ALIRA - CRIT MULTI IS AWESOME. RESIST IS AWESOME. MANA REGEN IS AWESOME. We can easy sustain mana without the leech from warlord's mark. And there's no need to use Blood Magic on Whirling blade. The Resists makes it a lot easier to get maxed and it lets us focus our jewelry on damage/life/Accuracy/crit


Righteous Providence -> Inevitible Judgement -> Augury of Penitence -> Instrument of virtue
I haven't found a spell that I spam around comfortably. That's why Instrument of virtue is the last one we pick. But just the attack speed bonus is really nice

Gearing and what stats to look for:


Cospri - high added cold to spells and high attack speed
Armour - Belly of the Beast or rare with high life and evasion + some resist
Helmet - Starkonja's Head seems to fit in nicely
Boots - Resists -> life -> movementspeed (we use whirling blades a lot, so 30% isn't required)
Gloves - Attack speed -> life -> resists. Fingerless gloves are the best
Belt - Life -> more LIFE -> resists
Rings - Crit -> Life -> Accuracy -> Ele Damage/cold damage Opal with crit is probably the best. But Diamond is just fine.
Amulet - Life -> Crit Multi -> Crit -> Accuracy (Resistance/stats if needed)

Jewels - We are use 5 jewels with the current skill tree. 1 is the unique for Freezing Pulse.
We can get a lot of damage from our jewels, so its just a mix of spell and cold damage. mixed with crit multi for spells. Crit chance and physical damage ain't all bad. you can add life on them if you feel you need it.

I guess that's what I have on the build at the moment. It's still evolving. If anyone have suggestions or better pathing for the skill tree feel free to write. If anyone fancy the build I can do a section on how I leveled it and maybe a video or two.
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