Hey gurls.Im hardly trying to make a templar cospri discharge build.Templar is not the best class for it I know.But it should work right?

İn path of building I have 107k against mobs and have 105k against shaper.it should be a lot lower because of shapers resists but I get it, it is what templar do.

But for god sake according to PoB stats I have to be okay while mapping right? 5.2k life+2 purity and 105k or 65k(shield discharge) is not fuckng bad while mapping.plus I have leech and vaal pact too.

But I just keep dying.My jewels,items and stuff not great but better then avarage I guess?

so what is the problem.any thoughts about build according to my PoB?

My guess is Im not proccing enough that discharges.Because of cyclone I keep missing hits a lot.So I just wonder how ppl can play with cyclone to proc spells.its not even hitting sometimes even tho I use lycosayd sheild..

I really need advices guys.Thinkn about using molten strike but it takes 2 more slot with gmp and multistrike..

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Cant find anything particular wrong, I'd grab the witch AOE wheel + flask nodes and replace inc crit with cont. destruction/ele focus in your weapon since you're inquis.

Life discharge is obviously pretty squishy and on top of that inquis against reflect. Anything else should be no problem but really need some gameplay vid. to tell you more.

P.S. I ran all my life discharger without life flask, try out ruby or granite flask since you should leech way too much to actually use the flask so better go for mitigation.
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what is special with inquisitor reflect tho? we dont ignore our resists right? or else theres nothing to counter it
Maybe not using dodge over block is better?
No you dont ignore your own resists at reflect but your hits are obviously pretty damn high and those get reflected back and take your res into account (if im not retarded rn)

You gotta give me some more information tho like which map tiers are you doing, what are you rolling on those maps and as I said above what does actually kill you. (If reflect - try ruby, if normal mob hits - granite)
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shaped spider forest,shaped atoll(that fuckng boss tho), etc..didnt tryed guardians yet.normal atziri was super easy,didnt tryed uber ofc.
I usally run anything other then reflect at maps.

Im not sure if I generate enough charges while cycloning? I mean should I use firestorm on my 6l for generete more charge?

I remember my old days with marauder mjölner.I was hitting like tatatatatata in 2-3 seconds.was exploding a lot.now Im just ta....tata....ta..cyclone is missing so much at bosses.thinkn other coises.tryed blade flurry not good too.
Well as you said there is no way to miss with the shield so gotta be something with your crit/charge generation which also doesnt make much sense with your setup, maybe try swapping out life leech in chest for firestorm should at least improve your singletarget.

Your shield charge should be perfectly fine tho, even a bit too much while using diamond flask - you could try with culling strike instead of inc. crit if you use horror crafted gloves.
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You said you were used to Proc Discharge more often, well you know that they changed the mechanics a while ago so there is a internal cooldown you cannot bypass? Each Gem socketed has a 250ms Cooldown. So the Max you can get is 4 explosions at best.
ofc I know about it.4 times a second still super awesome to me.

But due to lack of crit and cyclone missing a lot.I just discharge maybe 2 times per second.

I guess its just shadow or scion way to go

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