[3.0][SC/HC] EK Inquisitor


First off, I'd like to credit the original author for the build. The link above is me.

My tree is practically the same--skill set ups, practically the same. Why am I doing a build guide for this build then, you ask?

I feel like it deserves better documentation, and I wanted to show how far the build could go; you know, its blessings and its shortcomings and explain the changes I made in order to take the build farther.

Amazing map clear speed.
Good leech (especially with Vinktar's)
Smooth movement with shield charge
Very Budget (extremely comfortable with a tabula and most maps can be run with brightbeak)
Can run almost any map mod (cannot leech, ele reflect are dead mods). Hexproof is unsafe.

Bossing potential almost zero
Feels awful in maps with tree-like objects that cock-block EK (Ashenwood being a prime example)
Might have to level as something else if you don't have a Tabula early levels

Skill Tree

For leveling, I recommend pathing to Light of Divinity and Elementalist as it will give you some damage early game. You can alternatively rush the jewel socket next to Vaal Pact for QoL on EK. The jewel socket near Pain Attunement will be socketed with Intuitive Leap to grab Dreamer, Melding, and Overcharged.

Bandits - I went with Alira. +2 passives is fine as well.

Skill Gem Setup
Main: EK - Spell Echo - Physical To Lightning - Pierce - Faster Proj - Inc Crit Strikes

Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - Fortify

Flame Dash (or Golem if you like) - Curse on Hit - Herald of Ice - Warlord's Mark

Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Warlord's Mark

Vaal Haste - Arcane Surge(8) - Immortal Call (12) - Inc Duration

Essence Ring - Hatred

Notes: Slower Proj can be swapped with Faster Proj for map bosses

Ascendancy and Paragons
The build starts to function once you get Inevitable Judgment, so rush that. I value Instruments of Virtue over Augur of Penitence. I feel like the QoL with cast speed and attack speed helps your clear more than extra damage.

Minor: Soul of Yugul is a must to avoid reflect deaths; capturing Asphyxia's soul helps a bit because half of our damage is cold.

Major: Soul of Lunaris. Nothing special here. Physical damage reduction is nice.



Mostly just look for good rare stuff with life and the res's you need. Biscos is nice for extra drops, but not required for the build. A reminder that a Tabula can carry you to 95 without any issues whatsoever, you'd just have slightly less life.


Vinktar's isn't required, nor is Taste of Hate. That being said, both of them are outstanding choices if your budget allows for them. Make sure you roll a grounding flask, however, if you do go with Vinktar's.

Differences in my variation and explanations for Weird Shit

My build and the build I based this off of has one major difference--I go Hrimburn. I feel that this is vital for a few reasons.

-all of your damage will pen, not just 50%
-all of the elemental nodes on the tree will apply to all of your damage, not just 50% of it
-you can run physical reflect with no worries
-it's fun making everything shatter

Weird Shit - Immortal Call - Arcane Surge - Inc Duration - Vaal Haste WHY?!!???!!??
If you watched the video completely, the dude goes over this. It's basically a glitch with Immortal Call's buff duration affecting the buff duration from Arcane Surge. Long story short, you get a 20 second Arcane Surge buff if you pop Immortal call with three endurance charges.


Required: Intuitive Leap and Ring of Blades. For the other jewels, you just want a damage roll or two and max life. Alternatively, you can go for Inspired Learning, and place it in the jewel socket near Devotion on the Templar side. This requires taking 7 points from somewhere else on the tree (usually life, which costs you about 400ish health). I did some testing for a few maps and didn't find it as useful as the HP. That being said, it was just for a few maps. Further testing could prove it amazingly awesome for clear.


Closing Notes
I originally went with LiftingNerdBro's Quad Frost Totem build. I died at level 94 and rerolled because it was taking too long to get the exp I lost back. At this time, I was around 40th on Harbinger Softcore ladder. I ended the league in 30th. The build does maps, and it does them well.

While skipping bosses feels like a waste, if you're going for 100 I suggest to do it with this build. Slower Proj only does so much work. After I vendored mine by accident, I never looked back xD.

I want to give a shoutout to my homie Reptilez who provided me with a solid filter for end game mapping. It's called Reptilezfilter. You can check it out in the link below if you're interested.

Basically if Greengrooves and Neversink's had a baby and it wanted to show high life end game bases, it'd be this filter. If you're interested in giving feedback and improving the filter, PM me and I'll shoot you a link to the filter's feedback discord.

If you have any other questions concerning the build, feel free to message me either here or in game and I'll try to get back to you ASAP. Thanks for stopping by exiles.

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thanks for posting this. been wanting to roll EK to map with and am deciding between inquisitor and pathfinder, however inquisitor is looking better DPS-wise.

one question: what do you think about modifying the tree to pick up "winter spirit" (40% phys to cold conversion) and dropping hrimburn in favor of rare gloves? would either use insanity gloves for shield charge or high resist rare gloves to help cap resists with headhunter
Personally, I'd be upset about 10% of my damage not being elemental xD. That being said, the physical damage isn't ever completely lost; it'll still do its damage. Four points for conversion isn't bad. You'd probably make up the life you lost pretty easily from those points by having better gloves on anyways xD. I think it's pretty viable. Honestly I didn't notice the cold conversion nodes being that close.

Hope you enjoy the build man, and have fun mapping ;3!
How would switching EK out for BV, and the correct supporting gems, work for bosses like the guardians and shaper?
IGN: BurtsyBees
from where comes the leech?
glfranco wrote:
from where comes the leech?

Blood Drinker node + Warlord's Mark curse

+Vinktar's if you use it

Thanks for the post, I'm gonna have to look into using those gloves and try out a Beak! Glad to have some additional info for the build :)
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but, is that enough? i'll be playing hc, i think that i'll need more leech to not explode sometimes, am i wrong?
i'm thinking about playing berserker with similar build, what do u think?
It might not be enough for HC but you could try it. Low HP in general would be scary in HC I think!

Question about the Arcane Surge link: My surge is only L19 currently but it wants me to spend 345 mana to gain the buff. Immortal Call only costs 55 mana to cast, it's taking 7 casts to get the buff so I only get maybe 3-4 of them on a map.

Edit: It's actually not so bad, I'm getting used to it. On good map layouts it's easy to chain it :D
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Hey, solid build, got 1 question tho.
Whats so good about brightbeak, that I should use it over decent rolled spell dagger?
How does this do against bosses? Not even talking guardians/shaper, i mean t1-15 bosses and unique map bosses.

can this be used in place of brightbeak? Or any other rare dagger for that matter.

regarding body armor, would a Lioneye`s vision work? since with a 5L you can have pretty much the same due to its innate level 15 pierce and at 6l you`d have an even better setup, of course that would mean getting at least a 5 offcolor on it, so yeah...
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