[UPDATED] MuffZ 3.1 Bloody Bleedin' Build - Disfavour Cyclone

EXPENSIVE BUILD / SC (Softcore) Abyss League

NOTE: If you are revisiting this build from 3.0, it is basically the exact same thing, except there are a few changes to the skill tree and skill gems. So make sure you double check below!
IF you have questions or comments, please leave them below!! ENJOY! :D

Hey guys! Here's another build for ya if you have the currency! If you are RICH enough, huehuehue...

This build works well for farming maps, killing bosses, and in general amazingly fun!

Tags are:
Life Based / Physical Damage / Bleed / Damage Over Time / AOE / Leech / Vaal Pact

Note: This build is now tested for the Guardians, Uber Atziri or Shaper.


Will be testing THE ELDER if I get the chance to!

Beware: Before doing Guardians, Atziri, Shaper or Elder make sure to research and understand the boss fights before trying this build.

-Easy Leveling
-Fast Clear Speed
-High Damage

-Can get OS (one shot) if not careful and/or don't bring the right flasks!

Skill Gems
Main Skill

3L: Cyclone / Melee Physical Damage / Faster Attack

4L: Cyclone / Melee Physical Damage / Faster Attack / Brutality

5L: Cyclone / Melee Physical Damage / Faster Attack / Brutality / Maim

6L: If you manage to get a 6L Body Armor OR Disfavour, you should use one of these gems:

Increased Area Of Effect
Concentrated Effect
Chance To Bleed
Damage On Full Life

Do not use the Ruthless Gem, because it no longer works with cylcone.

Aura / Curse Setup


3L: Blasphemy / Vulnerability / Enlighten
4L: Blasphemy / Vulnerability / Enlighten / Empower


Summon Flame Golem (Must Have)


VAAL PACT / Your Leech is your survivability.

Level 1 - 39
This is fairly easy.
You can use any melee weapon which has good physical damage. You can level with any physical skill you prefer such as cleave, frost blades etc.

Level 40 - 60
You can use the weapon you have been leveling with or you can change it to The Cauteriser. It gives a lot of damage for easy fast leveling with cyclone.

Level 61 - 74
Now you can use Kondo's Pride if you have the currency and want the leech for it.You can also choose to use Hezmana's Bloodlust, which would be a better choice damage wise.

Level 75+
Finally, you can use your Atziri's Disfavour to see the damage skyrocket! :D

Skill Tree:
(Just Copy And Paste Link)


Deal With The Bandits Quest

Skill Points

The uniques you can/will be using are:

If you want a better chest piece than a rare option, you can use:

OR, if you want to be a SUPER TANK you can go with...

To get more of that wonderful bleed action, you can use:

Carnage is a must have for this build. Too amazing to pass up on!

If you want a good attack speed helm, Devoto's is a very good choice especially for the +Dex.

And finally, if you have a lot of currency to spare...


Normal Lab:
Bane Of Legends

Cruel Lab:
Endless Hunger

Merciless Lab:
Brutal Fervour

Uber Lab:

If you have any questions about the build, feel free to message me in game.
My IGN is: MoistNiceMuffZKale

GOOD LUCK fellow exiles.
I hope this build proves amazing to you if you get to try it. :D

If you are interested in my Twitch, go to twitch.tv/Asi_MuffZ
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Honestly I played Contagion ED start of league, and I wanted to re-roll pretty much day 3 due to feeling weak in party... Asi insisted I try this build once they started to play it, and I turned it down because I didn't like cyclone the first time around. I can say with pretty much 0 gear investment and a few hours later I am sitting at 65 after a single game session. Using a random 5l I had sitting in my stash and I feel unkillable already. I almost never pot, and I melt content like a literal blender out of hell. Pretty much made it to 65 using a level 40 leveling uni before upgrading and I could have used that level 40 weapon till 71 for an atziri disfavor, and I would have been fine. I can't wait to get on tomorrow and level some more... I think I am addicted to cyclone D:
Hi dude,

Really thinking about trying this build out. I'm going to make it in POB and see how it is. Tbh I am a bit sceptical about bleeds... but we'll see! What would be your advice if I rolled this in HC? I'm assuming just focus more on HP?

Ty for the good build
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Rework for my old slayer standard your post=

Im not sure whats wrong with PoB but after i imported your char to it, numbers are realy shity it shows not even 80 k dps on shaper and its impossible with atizri's disfavor so have no idea whats wrong with it and how can i check the proper dps of this build.

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