Dragnar,s ( dual totem arc minoin build CI) Fast grinding MF build ))tuned for hc added vid

this is my reworked dual totem minoin build
Abusing and maxing out all that the witch and minoins have to offer
This is a magic find build whit a lot of oumpfh ( hardcore )
Save as hell ( many minions is less chance to get hit or jumped up on )
very high drop rate of items ( whit the right gear )
100%+ quantity 200-300%+ rarity ( is easily possible whiteout sacrificing survivability )

Video of me running in full mf gear ( what i got atm ) hillock act 1 merc

sins i have not got a 6 linked chest atm * my specters are running greater multiple + quality + quantity
my zombies have only 3 slots so they loze dps to ( this will chance wen u finaly farmed enough orbs to 6soc my chest ( keep that in mind )

High base all resist
100% chaos resist
High magic find
High survivability
High damage output ( 120% shocked + 90%(135% posible ) passiv + 75-100% minion damage added damage ) totaling 310% enhanced damage ( excluding items and other support gems )
Drops are the same solo as a 4 man party ( all yours )
high life ( in the form of es )
Low dependency of items whit resist
4 aura,s
Shield regen in combat ( 2% + )
120str 110 dex 340 intel ( so easy to use all gems u want )
Can equip 2x andravius and still have max resist easily )

cant do maps whit 4 added projectile,s
Has trouble whit maps that are 100% ranged mobs ( still possible )
Burning patches ( very micro intensive )
party,s wont like u ( u don't need them :P )
Slow at the start
Hard/slow to play @ the start
Can get boring ( u always have somting to do ) but hardly any danger )

to give an example *4k es whit this )
( current items in use while farming maps )

working on 6 linked chest for totem ( to add culling strike + quantity and rarity gem )and remove faster casting

Kill all bandidts alwase

current build ( 10 point felxibility atm ( to do whit what u want )


oke how douse this build work
Its quite simple ( 2 totems whit a quality arc ( and the passive static blows ) shock all targets in 2sec ( whit 3 stacks ) making them take 120% enhanced damage
Your minions damage output is already high on there own ;)

If any of you is interested in the full working of this build contact me @ ( dragnar ) in-game ( full personal help / all the way trough will cost u tough )

item focus ( 4 sock+link gloves and boots ( for aura,s and totem )
start ( focus on hp on es items ( u need min 500-600 hp( u switch to CI in act 2 cruel midway trough )
for how to link gems ( look @ my grind gear )
chest + helm + Armour whit high es
step 1

step 2

step 3

step 4 ( take CI only wen u have 1.3-1.5k es

step 5

step 6 ( u should have around 1.5k+ es now )

step 7
look @ the finished build ( go where u need to go )
are u low on es ( go right )
is your damage to low ? take minion damage
to low resist ( take some resistance node,s and respeck later )

current tweaked ( for more regen / spellcast
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links in step 1 and step 2 r totaly same
And btw why u don't use skeletons? they r underpowered?
I don't understand where you're getting your 200-300% rarity. What am I missing?
and what about bandits on normal/cruel/merci
Infandel wrote:
and what about bandits on normal/cruel/merci

banditd on cruel are hard ( and u need help whit oak ) or dual skell totem
same on merciless ( oak is a pain in the ass ) dual skell totem works but dangerus
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jrk2f9 wrote:
I don't understand where you're getting your 200-300% rarity. What am I missing?

2 andravius rings ( is already 160 + rarity ( boots and gloves is 50-60% quantity ) add 20% quality ( quintity and rarity supports )
and belts ( amulet ) helmet
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Infandel wrote:
And btw why u don't use skeletons? they r underpowered?

i use skeletons on bosses ( and @ ranged mobs )

my specters deal way to mutch damge :)

by the time they get hits in most normal mobs are dead
also time to cast them i can cast about 4 ( on most packs )

unless i get thos rolling rocks / bears whit endurance .. )
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Infandel wrote:
links in step 1 and step 2 r totaly same

ty ill check it up ( prob made a mistake ) wen i am home
@dragnar <<< ingame or pm me
Looks really interesting.. :)

I think I have some idea's for continue of this build.

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