[3.21] 🔥Computertechs Dual (Quad) Flame Totem Self-found ZERO budget Build

[3.21] 🔥Computertechs Tri Holy Flame Totem Self-found ZERO budget Build

Out of all of the builds, this one probably would be the easiest. It requires ZERO special gear, and ZERO budget. I've done a few builds, Quad totems doesn't allow you to cast any spells but it does allow you to use traps. It allows you to create a lot of damage. It can also be achieved with only 4 socket items. More sockets improve it's performance.


Holy Flame Totem + Faster Casting + Fire Penetration + Iron Will
Fire Trap + Concentrated effect + Increase Burning Damage + Trap & Mine Damage
Cast when damage taken + Immortal Call + Temporal Chains + Increased Duration
Clarity + Flammability + (movement gem)
Bear Trap + Culling Strike + Trap & Mine Damage
Summon Flame Golem + Fire Penetration + Herald of Ash + meat shield (optional) (Maybe change Fire Penetration for vaal skeleton?)

passive all

Ascendancy Skills:
Pursuit of Faith
Divine Guidance
Ritual of Awakening
Conviction of power

This allows 3 totems to be used and gain power and endurance charges

I start the build using some simple spell like magma orb up to level 4 and use flame totem as well. I also start to setup the traps as well while moving to the dual totems in the passive tree. Once I have the dual totems from the passive tree, i drop the simple spell (in this case, magma orb) and use the totems and traps instead. The good part of using totems, you can just dodge the enemy while the totems do their damage. Using a few traps to help out.

I have made it to level 80 with the build, here is the passive tree:

Thinking of trying this build again 3.21 using this:
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Any comments?
cast when damage taken actually dont work with molten shell...
no info about your dmg/ stats
and what bosses and tier maps u can make
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Molten shells works fine with cwdt, when hit, molten shell cast. As for damage, fire trap 5k, fire totem 4.5k and bear trap 1k.
In spite of playing 1000's of hours, I'm still struggling to figure out how to be durable enough and damaging enough to get past just the low-level maps. That is, I don't see how other players get to 100,000+ DPS, and I die frequently. I early on stumbled onto flame-totem/searing bond as my go-to strategy, very similar to your build. Can you show your gear (self-found and any upgrades since this post) and explain how you manage to survive, with no auras and apparently nothing special for energy shield and life?

All self found gear. Using the dual (quad) totem builds, it's basically you cast the totems, stay out of the way. I'm using herald of ice, and flammability curse. Deathless so far.
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Works on 3.0 as well.
Thinking of trying this build again for 3.21. Not sure if I will use the same gems or not. So much has changed since the last time I played.

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