Path of Exile: Ascendancy (News Coverage)

We're proud to announce Path of Exile: Ascendancy. Check out the trailer here! Many different news sites are covering our announcement, and they'll be posting their articles and videos over the next few hours. We'll keep this news post updated with links to them. Check out initial coverage from IGN, GameSpot, Ten Ton Hammer,, MMOhuts, MassivelyOP, ShackNews, Yahoo Games, PCWorld, PC Gamer, MMOGames, GotGame, Curse, and RockPaperShotgun.

Exclusive Ascendancy Class Reveals!

Other News Coverage

Plus, remember that the 2.1.0 Content Update with the Talisman Challenge Leagues is being released in three weeks! It'll run until Ascendancy is launched early next year.
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so pumped
The trailer is amazing, I like the narrator voice. Pity it has no subtitles :(

E: Oh, it's also in Russian, cool :)
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So much new stuff! And 1st page!

Got to change my underwear...
Shavronne wrapped Kaom's waist,
with her gilded purple boots.
"You want my sockets?"
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Blown away GGG! I was expecting something pretty cool, but these ascendancy classes have taken me totally by surprise and it looks absolutely awesome!
hell yeah :-))))

ProbablyGettingNerfed - L100 Occultist
Vinktarded - L96 Pathfinder
BowJobsForAll - L95 Pathfinder
GottaHANDItToYou - L95 Raider
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dont know what to expect yet, a new way of leveling? or endgame?
Best ARPG of all time... about to get even better!

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