Latest patch (0.10.0g), new microtransactions and other news!

We have made massive strides with server stability. Our number of "unexpected disconnections" per day is now one thousand times lower than it was in launch week. There's still more to fix, but we're getting there. We're also getting a lot closer to the 0.10.1 patch (which contains larger improvements rather than these small fixes). At this stage it's probably 1-2 weeks away.

All of the "bonus" stash tabs we offered to people who purchased tabs during Closed Beta have now been awarded. If you missed out on this (and purchased more than 5 tabs during Closed Beta), please email We have also replaced all microtransactions that were lost due to problems on our end over the last two weeks. We will shortly be emailing everyone affected to let them know. There is a known issue in the current microtransaction shop where if your microtransaction stash is full and you try to purchase something it may deduct points even though you didn't receive the item. We know about this and are working on a fix. Everyone will have their microtransactions restored back to a correct state. If you're worried, please contact support.

There are also two things we remembered about recently that it turns out many advanced players don't know! They've been in the game for ages, but they were undocumented. The first is that you can hold alt (or whatever highlight key) while hovering an item in the trade screen to see its item level. The other is that you can hover over an item with the mouse cursor and press Ctrl+C to copy its properties into your clipboard.

We have an exciting new race league system coming soon with a prize structure that differs from the one we were running in Closed Beta. I will be posting some "calibration" races in the Events forum sometime in the next day or so. These races will be password protected and are meant to calibrate what levels people can attain in certain durations in the new content. They will not have prizes, and are not intended for masses of players - just the few people who find out about them and want to help us calibrate fair level rewards. If you don't know what race events are, it may be best to avoid playing these ones until we announce the new system in approximately a week!

Thanks again for helping us make Path of Exile a success. I look forward to seeing you in game.
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Fixed flask and zone transition bugs: GG GGG

Edit- More races, good times ahead. Games coming along well, keep up the fine work!
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Thanks for the tips!
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Had no clue about those 2 tips. Thanks for sharing!
Tank you!
My offers expire after 3 Days!
Gotta use that alt thing!

Hopefully it could be included somewhere on the item tooltip itself, though - a few confused newbies cause a lot less fuss than somebody who's been scammed with a level 15 item when they expected a level 50+ one.
The servers have been great the last few days, thanks GGG!
And thanks for those tips, you guys are so genius with all the little things eg. item copy pasting and forum links for them I am truly amazed!
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Those tips are great. Thanks for telling us! :)
Thanks for the patch keep it up :)

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