1.3 Namtro's Critical Claw Reaver 62k dps

Namtro's Ranger Critical Claw Reaver

1.3 Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJkCO5LXj6c

the dps values are going to change a little, and we might have to use power charge on critical.

Through out beyond I played my fair share of the claw ranger,
it was a very potent build with decent damage to make end game maps fairly simple.
The character has high survivability with hybrid defenses, ~5k health and 4 different styles
20k dps with out conc effect,
30k with conc effect,
35k with abyssus and no conc,
and 55k with abyssus and conc.
I was able to get to level 87 and do most end game content with this build, you would probably be able to atziri in softcore, it would be tough in hardcore.
dps examples

Concentrated effect is really great if you decide to use it on bosses, but it is not super effective for killing large amounts of monsters or trying to clear a zone, Increased area effect will give you faster clear times since after a certain amount of dps just increasing your area of effect will increase clear speed, 1.3 kind of forces us to use a power charge on critical hit, maybe with a quality curse on hit with a quality assassins mark we could maybe ignore using it... but not likely.

Without concentrated effect, you will still 2-3 shot every thing, but you will hit the whole screen, where with concentrated effect, you'll go from monster to monster almost single targeting them down, making the travel time between each one your enemy.

Abyssus would only be recommended in softcore or just want to feel like a man, because this is a crit build, abyssus makes the damage go retarded,
and only gets better with levels and better weapons.

For defense you'll focus on grabbing a large armour shield, receiving large amounts of armour from shield nodes on the tree, if you decide to go perandus instead and go with acro, you don't need the shield nodes,but you will be vulnerable to physical spell damage until you get a lightning coil, and lightning coil has only been getting more and more expensive, granted it can counter abyssus downside to a degree. but you can get similar mitigation and have the ability to use cheaper gear, if you go the shield variation. 1.5k armour shield will give you decent mitigation when you do get hit, but you will have a 38-40 %block chance and 40% evasion a long side of that.

Relevant gear for leveling and end game:
Last Resort:
-level 1 claw that is amazing for any starting character.
Crest of Perandus shield:
-with life and resists with 40% block and 3% life leech... you can almost use it as a end game shield! Super good shield. less block now after 1.3 and further, but still a great choice.
-Large resists with decent evasion early game, the resists by themselves will carry you to merciless
Slither Pinche:
-Attack speed and dual leech, super good early on when you need some mana leech if you don't have the claw wheel yet.
Wurm's Molt:
-dual leech with stats and life. Very good for leveling and giving a boost to survivability.

Thousand Tooth Temu:
- Another shield that is similar to crest.
Meginord's girdle:
-Amazing end game belt that you can put on at level 8, pretty much the best belt in the game for this build, it has it all! Life, Flat Physical Damage That scales super good, cold resists, potion effectiveness!! Especially with the nerf to percent life on the tree, its a amazing belt.
Carcass Jack:
- Life, all resists, Increased area effect
Belly Of The Beast:
-Percent Health and resists with potion effectiveness!
-very scary helmet to use in hardcore, but gives you tons of damage
Lightning Coil:
-Negates a lot of damage and can negate negative side effects of Abyssus or Acrobatics

Skill points:

low level

mid level

high level

End Game

Main attack:
Critical Damage
Melee Physical
Increased Area Of Effect

We get enough crit chance off of the tree that we don't need Pcoc. We also use assassins mark which gives us a couple charges here and there. Increased area of effect gives us more damage because we can hit a screen instead of conc effect, which is still great for bosses(level one).

Curse Attack:
Curse on hit
Assassins mark

Gets rid of the mana cost and makes it so we don't have to lose reave stacks to curse... a win-win!

Vaal reave + anything

vaal reave is just really good by its self... getting the 16 stack reave is what America craves.

Reduced mana
Herald of ashe

Hatred and Herald of ashe both scale off of your physical damage very well, so they are both the best viable options for offense. Vitality can be exchanged for all kinds of auras for different situations. It would be nice to have a determination instead, but you need aura nodes for that.

Whirling Blades
faster attacks

just something to get around with and maybe sustain a power charge or two when you go though mobs.


For gear, you only need to worry about getting maximum resists for merciless(115), getting chaos resist is always a bonus, but not entirely needed. Life is always important and should be on every piece you can get it on. Strength is just bonus life and damage, Intelligence is only for requirements and mana.

Mod list

Weapon affixes in order of importance:
Flat Physical
Percent Physical
Local Critical Chance
Attack Speed
Hybrid Percent Physical

Shield affixes in order of importance:
Flat Armour
Percent Armour

Boot affixes in order of importance:
Movement speed

Gloves affixes in order of importance:
Flat Physical
Attack Speed
Life Leech

Ring affixes in order of importance:
Flat physical
attack speed

amulet affixes in order of importance:
Flat physical
Critical Damage
Critical Chance

Chest affixes in order of importance:
Flat Evasion
Percent Evasion
Hybrid Percent Evasion


These potions are the best set up besides the dispels burning. I like the hybrid potion for the times you some how run out of mana from missing or attacking nothing to many times.

Come by my stream! I answer questions about builds and just general useful information!

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Bump! It's a good build!
only need enough int for imperial claw, and getting int on gear now is a lot easier, because masters let you put in on your gear! Imperial claw is the best theoretical dps, the vaal claw ends up being slower, which hurts it... but it could be a good option... Vaal pact would be nice if you are going abyssus, don't really need it as it is, never having problems with reflect, even double reflect.
Come by my stream! I answer questions about builds and just general useful information!

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What about Weapon Artistry?
I don't mind Weapon artistry, but then we have to sacrifice critical chance, other block chance or possibly life. Then go for it... but the build is very point intensive IMO
Come by my stream! I answer questions about builds and just general useful information!

Any recommendations on bandits?
For bandits I'd expect:

Normal - Oak
Cruel - Oak or Kraityn (not sure how well attack speed would scale since we're already using Multistrike, Oak is always good here)
Merciless - Alira or Kill All (+1 Power Charge is useful, but so is a passive point)

I'm curious where you get the STR required for this build. I'm contemplating going into Duelist (the alternative near the end of the video which drops everything past Claws of the Falcon) just for more STR nodes. Your example gear doesn't include much STR on items, nor do you suggest prioritising it much. I find myself severely lacking, having to scratch together +80 from items to use the armour shield/helm. I'm only lvl 60 atm, but I only have one +20 STR left near Shadow.

I'm already feeling like I'll need to craft resists on to my items, which wouldn't allow for me to craft strength on as well.
Thx, I ended up taking the 18% physical in cruel. Strength was (is) an issue for me as well. Getting a good roll Meginord's and a solid Onyx ammy helped tremendously, although I'm still sitting on a Creseted Tower Shield.

I ended up opting out of the last power charge in passives to run down through Art of the Gladiator and Master of Arena. Not sure of the dps loss, but I haven't felt underpowered as of yet.

Yeah DeadDawg that's the route I was heading as well (and where I stopped putting points towards the Witch area). I'm contemplating dropping the Life and Flask/Profane Chemistry nodes to free up points and head down towards Golem's Blood and down to Testudo/Retaliation.

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