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Emperor Izaro

When an aging Izaro retired and gave the throne to Chitus on the First Kaso of Verusi, 1319 IC, the new emperor immediately cast Izaro into the Lord's Labyrinth and sealed the gates behind him. Twinned with the Goddess he worshipped, Emperor Izaro lives on in the Labyrinth.

Master of the Labyrinth

As the architect of his domain, Izaro has constructed many tools to aid him in his fight against you. Each time you encounter him, the fight will evolve very differently. In some parts of the Labyrinth, he is protected by runic circles. In others, he can call upon the power of ancient statues to receive benefits.

Every Decision Matters

During the Labyrinth, you will encounter Izaro three times. Every subsequent fight will be affected by your actions in the previous encounter. For example, if you fail to kill Izaro's lieutenants in one fight, they will be back to aid him later in the Labyrinth.