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Each time you complete the Lord's Labyrinth, you may imbue one piece of your equipment with a random enchantment. This process overwrites previous enchantments. Completing the Labyrinth in higher difficulty levels allows you to enchant a wider range of item types.

Normal Difficulty: Gloves

Gloves can be enchanted with effects that trigger during combat, ranging from calling down a meteor to throwing knives that bounce around between enemies. These effects have short cooldowns.

Cruel Difficulty: Boots

In Cruel Difficulty, you're able to enchant Boots with effects that conditionally benefit you in combat. For example, increasing your chance to dodge for a time when you are critically struck. Higher versions of the Glove enchantments also become available.

Merciless Difficulty: Helmets

In Merciless Difficulty, you're able to enchant Helmets with effects that benefit a specific skill. There are many of these, so rolling the right skill for your build can be challenging. Higher versions of the Gloves and Boots enchantments also become available.