Highgate and Beyond

At the edge of Highgate stands a towering, shimmering barrier: the Deshret Seal. Constructed in ancient times by the Maraketh, the seal serves two aims. It holds back the dark hordes that prowl the derelict mines beneath the encampment, and it bars the way of anyone foolhardy enough to venture within. For within, at the heart of the mountain, lies a terrible, slumbering evil.

Generations of Maraketh guarded the Deshret Seal, but their vigil has ended. The creature under Highgate, nightmare incarnate, has stirred from its sleep. It threatens to unleash a second cataclysm that will extinguish life on Wraeclast.

The Beast's Awakening is not gentle. The very core of Wraeclast trembles with the violence of its stirring. Its raw malevolence sends ripples of corruption coursing through the world. The creature grows stronger by the day.

You were a mere selfish exile once, cast upon the land to rise or perish. You have grown in strength and renown. Now you are called to one final struggle, one that will doom or redeem Wraeclast forever. You must breach the Deshret Seal, cross the threshold of the Highgate Mine and descend deep into the tunnels. There you will meet your foe, and perhaps find a way to slay Nightmare itself.

Nightmare Comes Alive

The Beast eats the souls of its prey, devouring their very life force. Those consumed become a part of the creature, existing forevermore as a thrall of twisted nightmare. This fate befell many of Wraeclast's most legendary figures.

Daresso the Sword King - A peerless gladiator, the best the world has ever seen. Daresso ascended from humble orphaned slave beginnings to the pinnacle of gladiatorial glory. Driven by a mad hope to purify his lost love Merveil, he abandoned reason and caution. Daresso's living nightmare chronicles the arc of his pitiable legacy, a story of loss, desire and reckless ambition.

King Kaom of the Karui - Proud and strong in life, tireless in his hope to bring honor and justice to his people. Kaom was deceived by the call of the creature, lulled by its sweet whispers to complete destruction. His unrequited dreams of conquest live on though, manifested in a physical nightmare of molten rage.