We're hiring Russian and Brazilian Portuguese Translators

Dec 11, 2018, 2:56:39 PM
The Grinding Gear Games team is looking to hire Russian and Brazilian Portuguese Translators. This role can be fulfilled from home. You'll need excellent written English, translation experience and a knowledge of Path of Exile. Read More.

The Invisible Buff Effect

Dec 10, 2018, 8:54:13 PM
We've just released the Invisible Buff Effect! This microtransaction works just like the Vanishing Dye for your armour, but removes the visual effects of many buffs instead, including Arctic armour, Tempest shield, Blood rage, Molten shell, Phase run, any aura, any Blasphemied curse, or any Herald skill gem. Check it out by watching the video or click here to get yours! Read More.

Unique Items Discovered in Betrayal

Dec 10, 2018, 6:11:59 PM
Unique Items Discovered in Betrayal In Path of Exile: Betrayal we introduced 13 new unique items, most of which were already discovered by our community since the launch of the expansion. As usual, we've gathered all the community-known new unique items in one post for your reference. Read More.
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Pitch Black Armour Pack
Pitch Black Armour Pack discounted to 310 Points (TODAY ONLY)
Ends in 4 hours
Gothic Armour Pack
Gothic Armour Pack discounted to 310 Points (TODAY ONLY)
Ends in 4 hours
Wasteland Warrior Armour Pack
Wasteland Warrior Armour Pack discounted to 295 Points (TODAY ONLY)
Ends in 4 hours