Celestial Cat Soulrend, Gargoyle Armour Set and Super Stash Sale

Mar 21, 2019, 11:11:02 PM
Today we deployed the 3.6.2 patch with many improvements and fixes. Check out its patch notes here. We're also happy to finally introduce the Celestial Cat Soulrend Effect, which was highly requested by some of our players! In addition, we've released the Gargoyle Armour Set and have started the sale on almost all stash tabs! Find out more in today's news. Read More.

Xbox One 3.6.2 Patch Status

Mar 21, 2019, 10:51:34 PM
Earlier today we've deployed the 3.6.2 update for PC. Initially we were planning to release this update on Xbox also today, but unfortunately ran into unexpected problem. Considering the time we need to resolve the issue and a submission process, the 3.6.2 patch is likely to be released early next week (we expect Monday (North America time)). We apologise for the delay. Read More.

Update about Synthesis League Changes

Mar 21, 2019, 8:24:33 PM
Since the release of Synthesis almost two weeks ago, we have been given plenty of feedback about what players are liking and not liking during their playthrough of the league. This has not only prompted many patches that are already deployed, but also a lot of internal discussion that has resulted in a pretty large-scale set of changes that we intend to deploy next week. While these changes are still being tested, we wanted to give you an update of the direction we're going with the league. Read More.
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