#1 <L90 Gorge Speed Clear Build VarthDaver's - Disfavour Blood Flicker - 2H Auraless - SC

HC / SC Disclaimer

There are multiple parts of this build that make it too significant a risk to be a serious endgame harcore build. It is, however a seriously fun and powerful endgame build, that is a blast for solo. Lets agree to shelve that discussion from this thread.

I have intentionally included in my video play list an example where I die at the end. Granted it was Dual Boss Shrine Piety with an exile while desynced. Just know it will happen from time to time.

I had a lot of people specifically request me to post my gear. I swapped back over, and will link the gear that I used most of the time. I do constantly switch gear based on what I have on hand and map mods. These represent about 90% of what I use with this build.


When I make builds, I trade for and use the best items I have, as I am sure all of you do as well. I have been playing a while, so the value count on my items is pretty high. My current setup is about 200-300ex. I will go over the key parts:

Main (Mostly Required) Gear

Atziri's Disfavour - The reason for the build. One of the hardest items in game to get, and one of the most fun to use. +2 Range, +2 Supports, Bleed, speed, and massive physical. Only Mirror level items can rival it.

Atziri's Promise - Great synergy for both offense and defense at once with this build.

Atziri's Step - I switched to these once I became more comfortable with the build. More life, more consistent movespeed, try to get +1 frenzy or dodge corruption.

Abyssus - There simply is no better helm for a build like this. Its drawbacks can be almost completely mitigated.

Snakebite Mitts - Adds another 20% of damage when you are at max frenzy charges as well as accuracy. If you can get Vulnerability on hit for these (sell them to me), or snag them.

Ming's Heart - 20% of physical as Chaos damage. This adds an amazing amount of damage to the build as well as 63 chaos resist. Even with the loss of max life, there is no other #1 ring slot.

Carcass Jack - Not ideal, but after trying many other chests, I kept coming back to this one. The combination of AOE, resists, life, and decent evasion gave great flexibility.

Alternate Gear (I have used all of these, and swap based on circumstances)

Blood Dance - The regen from these is simply amazing. with the talents taken, I am well over 500/s

Death Rush - You basically get permanent onslaught, leech, accuracy, and chaos resist. Amazing.

Death's Oath - A personal favorite and you will see it in some of my videos. Requires 2x Ming's Heart. This is a max dps option, stylish as hell, but you will be taking enormous chaos damage so reduced regen maps and curses really hurt.

Daresso's Defiance - Initially ran with this chest, but had to stop to maximize Vaal Immortal Call uptime. Still viable until extreme end.

I have access to Atziri's Acuity gloves, and think they could be effective in a more crit focused build, specifically with Romira's Banquet.

Why make this post? - Atziri's Disfavour

After being away from PoE for a while, when I came back I saw an amazing new unique axe and knew I wanted to make something that used it. A quick look on forums indicated no one was currently running it outside of experiments, so I figured I would give it a shot. I received quite a few requests from players to write it up, so here goes:

I was inspired by the Gorge Clear Speed Post Thread, and decided I would modify some old flicker builds to use it. I was able to take the #1 time for a player under L90 using it, being one of the only melee builds on the list.

Build Strengths
Incredible clear speed. High adrenaline solo experience. Epic battles. Stylish as hell.

Build Weaknesses
If you stop moving, its bad. Very bad.
Flicker is not a good group build. you can use it in groups, but you can put yourself and others at risk. Swapping to Frenzy / Cyclone is much easier.

Gorge speed Run Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_OCq3UWM7g
Youtube Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLViajCub8sig_g5H5IJ9pN3c6drKK-STh

I am including some testing videos in this list that show some challenge areas and some of my testing.

Most is mid to high level content, and includes some death footage from overconfidence.

Articles Referenced

Current Build

Important Keystones

Master of the Arena - The range of the weapon impacts the "distance" before you can start an auto attack on a mob. For flicker, this means that increased weapon rage will increase the distance from which you attack mobs. This is big reduction in damage by attacking first, as well as increased continuity of flicker as your attacks can hit mobs farther apart.

Ondar's Guile - A real weak point with 2H builds is limited defenses. Ondar's Guile is one of the most powerful nodes on the map, and a massive reduction in damage stuns.

Blood Magic - This node has fallen from popularity as the power of aura's has drastically increased over time. In flicker, you can consume a immense amount of mana per second. Many build use the BM gem linked, but with my talent tree and mana pool, I would be basically losing a socket on every attack. I like the stylistic element of using blood and causing bleeding.


There has been a change in the tooltip of flicker while I was away. As it shows the damage per hit, my prior tooltip referenced dps (attacks per second * damage per attack).

DPS - Is actually rather complicated to show, but lets try:

The tooltip on flicker is actually amazingly low (for its output) at 5850, but let me add some info:
Per Hit Values:
Physical - 2810 - 3783
Fire - 1124 - 1513
Chaos - 562 - 757

In addition, this axe causes bleed. While the video doesn't show it well, bleed adds another 56.7 + 14.2 (talents) % physical damage per second for 5 seconds. This effectively adds another 354.5% damage after the hit, so your total is 454% of the base x number of targets.

That is to say that on average, the target will take (2810+3783)/2 = 3296 * 70.9% Bleed * 5 Seconds = 11,684.32 + damage from the hit itself (2810 + 3783 + 1124 +1513 + 562 +757)/2 = 5,274.5.
This gives an estimated 16,958.82 damage per target per hit (over 5 seconds).

As you can see in the video, I use Melee Splash, and attack before charges, or onslaught at 4.33/second. I can realistically hit between 10 and 100 mobs a second.

You can then add another 20% on top of this for the effect of snakebite gloves as well. This build moves on path with older flicker builds I have ran at 200k+ dps.


Resists - Always cap elemental resists, try to get 35% above all if possible for curses.

Reflect - CwDT + Immortal Call + Increased Duration. Level 1 CwDT, L20Q20 Duration, L2Q20 Immortal Call. The increase to duration only impacts the base amount. The base duration is .25 seconds, and with IncDuration, it goes to .44 seconds. There is a .5 second CD on Immortal call, but this means with just these three gems and no charges, you are immune to physical damage for .44 of .5 seconds, or 88% of the time.

Links / Gems

I change gear combo's almost every map or three, and always have a slightly different build / gearing. Here are the main concepts for this build:

Blood Rage + Increased Duration - Self explanatory, I have died when I did not keep these together.

#1 4L - EnduringCry(20/20) + VaalImmortalCall(20/20) + ImmortalCall(20/20) + CwDT(20/20)
#2 4L - CwDT(1) + IncreasedDuration(20/20) + Enfeeble(5/20) + ImmortalCall(3/20)

These two are very important together. The "small" immortal call, is meant to go off, constantly, and will protect you most of the time. The "big" vaal one is the only one using enduring cry so to not have it on CD for Vaal Immortal Call, and it has a normal ImmortalCall as a fallback to use if there are not enough souls when the big ones triggers. Enfeeble should be obvious, but can be swapped for temp chains as well.

4L - Flicker + MultiStrike + MeleePhysical + MeleeSplash
5L - Flicker + MultiStrike + MeleePhysical + MeleeSplash + Add Acc/Fire ( I prefer ACC)
6L - Flicker + MultiStrike + MeleePhysical + MeleeSplash + AddACC + EnduranceOnMeleeStun

Endurance on Melee stun adds amazing survivability to the build in that you will almost always be at maximum charges. This helps survive curses, as well as max triggers on physical immune.


4L - Cyclone + MeleePhysicalDamage + FasterAttacks + ConcentratedEffect
5L - Cyclone + MeleePhysicalDamage + FasterAttacks + ConcentratedEffect + LGoH
5L - Cyclone + MeleePhysicalDamage + FasterAttacks + ConcentratedEffect + LGoH + IncArea / Blind

Cyclone is extremely powerful and rather safe as long as you DO NOT ADD MULTISTRIKE. It doesn't matter how high it makes the dps tooltip, having a cyclone in the range of 15-30k dps will save a ton of time. I initially used Frenzy, but found just evoking Blood Rage and using cyclone was much more effective.

What now?
I am honestly not sure what is next, but I did a quick test of doing a Blood Magic Battle Mage with incinerate and flicker swap. I added it to the end of the video playlist.

Final Thoughts
These threads take a lot of time to make, and I am sure there were some mistakes along the way. I goal is simply share some information with others who might want to make a similar build in the future, or even to just add some info for your next run.

There are many more powerful builds out there, but you are hard pressed to beat the style, fun, and performance of this one!
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Using this spot to take down the nay sayers.

Disappointed at the lack of commentary on the alt-f4 league.
in ur death's oak video in necro
whats the purple aura under ur feet O.o is that Death's oath mtx?
IGN: Wirefleece , Complexion
Lasso wrote:
in ur death's oak video in necro
whats the purple aura under ur feet O.o is that Death's oath mtx?

It is on Death's Oath itself, yes. It puts the purple runes on your feet, and sets you and those around you afire with chaos. One of my favorite items in game, but it requires dual mings on my build to get my chaos resist high enough. Doing that makes HP a big issue (though dps is amazing).
Could you run a shipyard map with + physical resist?
For science :D
Thinking about rebuilding. the shipyard with physical resist runtime will decide if I buy the 200 ex axe or not. :D
Just a quick comment on the DPS calculation - you can't apply more than 1 bleed at a time, so if you hit the same mob twice the bleed part "won't count" so to speak.

Nonetheless, very cool build that is very strong despite being contrary to the current meta of stacking auras and avoiding the BM keystone.
SorakPoE wrote:
Just a quick comment on the DPS calculation - you can't apply more than 1 bleed at a time, so if you hit the same mob twice the bleed part "won't count" so to speak.

Nonetheless, very cool build that is very strong despite being contrary to the current meta of stacking auras and avoiding the BM keystone.

This is correct, and a important point. My understanding is that bleeds can stack, but the damage from them will not. The largest one should always be active.

To be specific, if you have one bleed hit that is from a crit, and then another one not from a crit, the one (larger) from the crit will continue until it is over, and the smaller one (if it occurred later will continue until it is done.

Temp chains I believe doubles the duration of this as well.
Could you run a shipyard map with + physical resist?
For science :D
Thinking about rebuilding. the shipyard with physical resist runtime will decide if I buy the 200 ex axe or not. :D

I did see one of the aces 6L as low as 160ex yesterday, but 180-200 is closers right now.

By the time I write these guides I have already typically dismantled the character and moved on. Though I do still have the gear, but I won't have time to set it back up for a bit.

I did run a lot more than those maps in my videos. I think I did maybe 50-100 L75-L78 rare maps.

I would never shy away from a physical resist mod or additional life mod. The build does not lack for dps or damage throughput, it does have weaker spots in survivability. You can always put on a second ming's heart, and use added fire to have a massive non physical (though its diminishing returns, a death rush is likely faster).

Mods I re-roll / avoid
Mobs deal MORE damage
Mobs deal MORE damage as Fire/Cold/Lightning
Reduced maximum player resists
Reduced / No Regen (If using blood dance)

Easy mods with this build
Blood Magic (Free Q)
Sea Spawn (You can flicker almost the entire map)
Many Totems
Mobs Fire/Cold/Lightning/Physical Resist
Mobs move/attack/cast faster

Mods easier with this build than others
Temporal Chains (makes everything last longer, not much a loss due to flicker)
Mobs Fracture (move mobs are not much harder)
Nemesis (mob abilities not that big a deal, just carry a bleed flask)

What are the gems you are using? Sorry I have been going through everything you linked but I can't find what abilities you have and what other gems.

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