defensive mechanisms activate in which order?

raics wrote:
Ludvator wrote:
e: maybe AA ond abyssus switched?

Yup, 'increased/decreased damage taken' goes after mitigation but before AA.
Incorrect. Both AA (flat subtraction of damage taken) and shock/abyssus (% increased damge taken) happen at the same stage as both modify damage taken. As always in PoE, flat additions/subtractions from a value are handled before % increaeses/reductions.

Avoiding the hit (Evasion, dodge).
- If this fails, you've been hit.
Blocking the Hit (block chance).
- If this succeeds, you're still hit, but the attacker's passive on-hit effects and damage are prevented.
Modifiers to how you take/mitigate damage (Lightning Coil, etc)
- Obviously has to happen before mitigation to matter.
Mitigation (Armour, resistances, etc)
- This determines the amount of damage taken, which can then be modified.
Modifiers to amount of damage taken Shock, Abyssus, etc.

That's everything that can prevent or modify the damage you take. Then you actually take damage, which will come from ES first if possible (and non-chaos), then if you have MoM some will come from mana before life, with all the rest coming from life.

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