Dedicated Duo; Party Synergy [Video]

Glass Cannon + Auramancer/Permacurser:
* Neither of us can solo, but 1 + 1 > 7.
* I have no base defenses and stacked zero-HP crit gear. [Maligaro's, Rat's Nest, etc.]
* My partner in crime does 5 DPS. (Not 5K; 5.)
Together = Indestructible Wave of Lemony Fresh, Doomy Victory! XD

Cursed with Vulnerability,
Increased Monster Life,
Increased Monster Damage,
Devourers, Rhoas and Double Oak Bosses...


Feel free to skip to 4:05 for the boss fight(s). This was mostly put together for the group of newbies who were asking if a setup like this could work.

Passive Skill Trees:
* Thaylogue the Rogue
* Sellia the Spoony Bard

Defensive Stats:

Our Guide Threads:
* How to Bow CoC
* Learn 2 Party 101

Thanks for reading...and happy gaming, all! :)
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