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I have been that guy in past games, but not anymore. I like wearing high amounts of MF, kill stuff and see tens of items drop, but I hate selling those drops. And I bet I'm not the only one.

My items increase faster than I can sell them, and from time to time I have to stop farming for 2 weeks until I've sold some of them, only to get my stash full again in a few days. Has anyone made a pact with a trader, so he sells his stuff for a comission? I have been thinking about it, and doesn't seem a bad idea.
Culler-support build:
Dedicated support build

WTB 21/20 gems: generosity, wrath, haste, grace, determination
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Ive done that for a friend. I assume some trust issues if you plan on doing that with random people
Yes, finding someone trustworthy doesn't seem easy. There is a sencente which I read somewhere and I fully agree. "Trust is the most valuable asset for a trader".

The hard part is distinguishing a true trader from a scammer
Culler-support build:
Dedicated support build

WTB 21/20 gems: generosity, wrath, haste, grace, determination
Selling average items would be hard for both you and dedicated trader.
Selling good items would be easy for both you and dedicated trader (even though he may get more from it thanks to his superior haggling/trade chat spamming skills).

I don't think it's worth the hassle.
dont waste 80% of your time for 20% of total more currency
btw if you get a reseller he will first sell the high value items, fast, and byebye :)

btw dont waste your time at all maybe :p
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Trading in this game sucks. It's best not to waste your time. Trade the good shit, forget the rest.
Trading is horrid in this game and not worth the time. I vendor everything I cant use.....stupid I know but its a game so who really cares. It's too bad, this game could have been so good.
I keep and try to sell (in a shop where all I have to do is update it once a week):
*Obviously good rare stuff like "2-3 high resists + high life" or high DpS Weapons
*High demand gems like reduced mana, Cast when damage taken, even melee physical damage or Clarity... At least get my 5-10 Alchemy Orbs for them on a daily basis.
*High demand Uniques (both valuable ones and levelling suff, but not the weird ones that are only used in some builds nobody is playing)

I vendor all the rest.

Uniques like "Death's harp"...
Yes, one day someone may give me a fusing for it, but why should I bother to wait?
A 5L Maul, throw an alch on it, nothing interesting, vendor. Who is going to buy this?
Better take the chromatic orb or alchemy/alteration shards now.

You can limit yourself to one or two stash tabs of "this could actually sell" stuff.
If it doesn't sell in two days, it probably never will, and you might as well vendor it.

In this game, you find so much stuff that may be interesting to some person with some kind of build, but most likely someone else has found an item that is as interesting, but slightly better. So just vendor everything that isn't 100% useful to pretty much everyone.
Unless its a very high end item I vendor it. Even the items I sell I sell at a much lower price than a similar item. Its just jot worth the hassle or stash space.
I hate trading in this game too, but what I do is I set up a shop thread with storefront which does everything for me, and then I just wait for whispers to come in with offers. Its very easy, I still hate it though but if you want lots of currency its the only way.
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