LvL 63 Claw Shadow Build Keep Dying

I'm LvL 63 Dual Wielding Claw Shadow. The Problem is i keep dying and i dunno what to do to prevent this.

My Build:

Body Armour:






Also i use Cyclone with Multistrike, Life Gain on Hit and Chance to Ignite to attack.

Here is my passive skill tree:
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Your gear is aweful and you dont have much life on passives either.
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You've got about 1.4k total life (correct me if I'm wrong).

That doesn't cut it in late merciless, especially not on an evasion build.
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Completed 39 ChallengesCrazylikE wrote:
Your gear is aweful and you dont have much life on passives either.

I disagree with the second statement. He has taken more than enough life nodes (especially in a non-hc league). You just need to utilize them on your gear.

I would spec out of those fire damage nodes and the entire path towards the +6 ele resist node.

If you really lack the life there is conditioning right for the taking. Plus some life nodes near mana drinker.

If you need something specific with more life.


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Helm and body armour are omgwtf bad. You need more life nodes (not a ton more like you would for a HC league but still you need more than you have to get more out of what you will have when you get better gear) and more life on your gear.

How are you dieing? Blood Rage looks odd what is the point, and those fire damage nodes? If you are not going IR then I would go all the way to Phase Acrobatics for sure.

Compare to my HC dual claw build and gear at level 62:

Passive skill tree build

Cyclone? Throw that shit away now! :-) That's not any good for a dual wield Bloodseeker character.

Dual Strike + Melee splash + Multistrike + Melee physical

Also you might want to check out this guide for some inspiration:
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Your gear is awful both offensively and defensively. Your links are badly set up. Your passive tree is poorly optimised.

To fix this char the only thing to do is a reroll.
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