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Mechanics of Players Recover Life etc. x% Slower

Okay okay. So before people go repost-bananas, I'd like to point out that I have in fact searched around a little, and have found different answers. Answers that conflict with my own personal experience too. So now I'd just like someone to tell me exactly how it works. Preferably GGG (In spite of quote further down)

Anyway - To the point:
The map suffix "of Smothering" states, as everyone knows, that:
"Players recover Life, Mana and Energy Shield x% slower"

Now I'm pretty new to running maps (and the game in general) but the suffix description doesn't seem to hold true, so I searched around a little and got this:

Link to thread
Mark_GGG wrote:
The only thing being changed is the speed of all recovery being halved - i.e. you recover half as much life/mana/ES per second as you otherwise would. For things like flasks, where there is a set duration they last, slowing the recovery means that less total recovery will occur in that duration, by definition. For all other forms of recovery, such as leech or regenerations, which do not have set durations, this does not occur.
Future upgrades to flask popups will allow them to account for such modifications form map mods/passives/gear, but for now they are only the item popup and thus can only know about the item's stats.

I've highlighted the interresting part because in my experience the latter simply can't be true either.
I normally run Blood Magic/Life Leech/Spectral Throw/Whatever just fine and get, theoretically at least, 7,6% of my ~4000dps returned as health which should more than cover my mana cost of 60 health.
But in Smothering maps, my leech is struggling to keep up. Even when I stop casting and let the returning blades do the damage. Now, it's not because I deal less damage because of hostile resists or anything. I've checked for that. I simply get less health.

Now, the wiki says this:
Life leech has a fixed recovery rate equal to 20% of the character's maximum life per second...

...The of Smothering modifier for maps slows life and mana leech recovery rate by 50%.

So by these two tokens, I should get the full amount of health back, even if it'll take twice as long to roll in, right? Alas, I don't.
Have I overlooked something or is it just not a very accurate description of the mod? 'Cause right now it might as well say "Map divorced you. Map takes half. Period."
It can be a bit confusing, but both marks post and the wiki are right.

Assuming you deal enough damage to keep a leech instance to run permanently, in a normal map you will be gaining 20%-24% of your life pool per second.
In a "smothering" map, you will be gaining 10%-12% of your life pool per second.

Leech instances do not stack, so "rolling in at a later time" is effectively useless in most situations.
Nope. Still don't get it.

"Leech instances do not stack, so "rolling in at a later time" is effectively useless in most situations."

Waddaya mean?
I suggest you to read the "Multiple leech effects" sections on the wikis leech page. It explains the mechanic in details.

In short:
Each time you hit an enemy, you generate a life leech effect. You can only benefit from one life leech effect at a time, but the unused ones will still run out in the background.
Ah okay, so basically the reason I get leech less life in Smothering maps is because every hit that isn't the last hit only manages to restore half of what it normally would in the time before the next hit lands.
Mostly yes.
I do not think that leech prioritizes the last hit. I think mark said it was the strongest hit that is prioritized. However, This shouldn't change anything on the user side.
Also you say you have 4000 DPS, which doesn't mean anything as far as leech is concerned unless you have Vaal Pact. 4000 Damage at 1 Attack per second will give you much different leech behavior than 400 Damage at 10 Attacks per Second because of the aforementioned only 1 leech in effect at a time.
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It's really not that big a difference. Assuming a perfect sphere in a vaccuum: Either you get one Leech effect worth 1 second (1s interval), or ten Leech effects worth 0.1 second (0.1 second interval). Same shit ultimately.

What matters is whether you hit with any sort of interval or not. Spectral Throw is amazing at Leeching because it spreads its Hits out over time, which makes it super easy to get a constant flow. Ice Nova deals low-end Damage and hits everyting at basically the same time - you don't get a new Leech effect until the next activation.
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