Brutus WTF

Just finished act 1 merciless, no problems with Merviel, no deaths, no danger, very easy.

But Brutus?

What the hell do the devs actually expect from you in that fight? Ranged would be easier, but what about melee? I'm not over geared or over leveled, but I had 2500 life, 77 in all resistances, 50% damage reduction from armor, a granite flask, a decoy totem, at least 7% life leech, multiple ways to generate endurance charges, and...squished. Like, instantly. He hit the totem, hit me, and boom dead. Died about four times, I think. No time for potions, endurance charges, nothing.

I'm not on hardcore so it's not really a big deal, but I'm still kind of peeved at losing half an xp bar over such a stupid unbalanced spike.

Anyway, can anyone enlighten me how exactly you're supposed to handle that fight as melee? I honestly don't get it.
You can have more life, you can immortal call, you can enfeeble, you can block etc!
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Thats wierd, I have 2500 life and 60% phys reduction and I can tank Brutus easy :/ (and 30% block chance)
Did you have Insta flask ?
And I think brutus can crit
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running speed man.
run circles around him, and each time he does the Ground Slam and misses - move in immediately afterwards.
he has a cooldown on those, and his regular punches can be tanked with a Granite.

when in doubt, Enfeeble.
and pray to god you don't desync.
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Thanks for those suggestions, it'll help on my next character.

Totally forgot about Enfeeble, but I wouldn't have have had the int for it on this run, anyway.

No block cuz I'm 2 hander.

Immortal call was impossible because I couldn't gain any endurance charges.

But that tactic of running circles around him is exactly what I was looking for. I had no idea his ground slam was on cooldown. Tanking his punches was fine, but that ground slam was brutal. I'll definitely keep that in mind for next time. Thanks johnKeys!
A tip for all slow and hard hitting bosses (includes vaal smash), use a skill for support, that leaves freezing ground(spell totem + arctic breath, ranged totem + ice shot, arctic armor etc.) and/or temp chains. It will make them so slow, that u can easy move away, when u see the smash animation, if u can't tank it. The skill itself does not need to do dmg, but it will help so much. With this option u could even tank them, if u can survive the hit, because u will leech/regen all back till next hit.

Other thing to use is spell totem + summon skeletons to have boss distracted. Not so effective for melee, as above option, but still good.

And another option is to run around and using enduring cry, till u get max charges, than use immortal call + increased duration. Hit him as long as u have immortal call on. Repeat, after it expires, until he's dead.

Armor does nothing for hard hitters (look it up on wiki, if u want to know exactly), so u basically has no defense against him, when u go in, like u do.
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well the cooldown is only about a second, so theoretically he can use it twice in a row.
don't get your hopes up :)

what he usually does though - when chasing a melee that runs around him - is slam, couple of punches, and slam again.

just run around a bit and watch what he does. you'll know an opportunity to strike when you see one.
hit, run behind him, hit again if he's slow, and move back to avoid the slam or the "one punch too many".
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float like a butterfly, sting like a bee :)

works great against him, Kole, and later Carnage in maps.
oh and Descent Champions version too. just don't touch those skeletons.

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"If everyone just blindly whiteknights out of their ass, poe will never get better" - Pewzor, nailing it.
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et tu brute?
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idk brutus never seemed like that much of a big deal, get a skelly totem = profit, he doesnt kill them fast enough to kill them all, and you hide behind the totem, i always employ this tactic on map kole
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I had about 1000 life, less than 50% resists, virtually no armor, low or no evasion. All I had was a little shield block.

Killed him solo, no deaths, though iirc he did manage to hook me once.

Then again I'm not melee.
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