Class/build suggestions for 2-week event?

So I recently started playing PoE again after a little break and like most of you am looking forward to the event starting tomorrow. I have only dabbled a little in Invasion leagues, with not much success, so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a build with good, early-level survivability in Invasion games?

Most of my PoE time has been spent playing an LA (or split arrow) duelist. I'm pretty comfortable with that build but not sure if I can survive the bosses and boxes in this event.

I've dabbled a little with IB Marauder so i could probably make that work, or maybe a decent templar build.

Any suggestions are welcome!

I'll be using my Blood Magic Flame Totems build.

It is one of the few builds that have extremely low gear requirements (you can start mapping with four links) and that let you use whatever you find while leveling. At higher levels, it'll benefit from two specific uniques (Windscream and Three Dragons), but by the time this will make a difference the character will be in the upper 70s. It also makes all act bosses really trivial, including the more tricky ones.

It's not as cheesy as Searing Bond, which I expect 80% of the racers will use. :) (With good reason, too, it probably IS the easiest and fastest option.) My build works for Scion and Marauder, though I'd recommend the Scion as she gets most of the gems (and all that are essential) as quest rewards.
Thanks Mivo - I haven't tried Scion class yet but I started one today using your build. So far so good but still very early, still leaning on ST until I get my totem.

Good luck in the race!

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