Help me prep for Atziri

Maps are getting boring and easy, so I want to move on to doing Atziri runs. I've bought myself 5 sacrifice sets, but I don't want to waste them.

I'm playing a Righteous Fire Maurader. A few questions to anybody who is able to do it:

1) What kind of minimum stats would you recommend as far as life, armor, etc?

2) Do you do it with your item rarity stuff on, or do you switch to pure life/damage set up to have a chance?

3) Feel free to give me any further tips on fighting techniques, gearing recommendations, etc. I've watched a few youtube videos, but any more input is always appreciated.

Here's my gear:

All you need is snapshotting. The moment they remove it or "hotfix" it, your build will be unable to kill atziri.

Just a heads up sir.

First phase = PoL + topaz flasks. (cold resist if you cant move around fast enough)

Take both bosses to 10% if possible to reduce turbo mode if you fear it.

Second phase = 100% immortal call up time and your pretty much done.

Third phase = PoL + PoF and corresponding flasks.

That's about it imo. Worked for me except that i cant out dps the healing phase.(coc+ek melee)

Just stood there downing atziri 11x to healing phase, to watch her heal back to 100% and rinse repeat. Just left the map and reset the lab instance :'). (lel)
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I'll need purity of lightning aura and topaz flasks? I have 78% lightning resists as a base. With topaz flask, that's not enough?

and what do you mean by 100% immortal call up? I have mine on cast when damage taken. Should I actually cast it myself?
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You don't need it, if you can dodge the aoe's etc.

Depends on play-style i suppose. But it does offer a lot of protection because of the added MAX resistance.

Also unlike atziri's storm calls which have a visual
"don't stand in the circular shape YA FOOL"

the vaals don't have such a mechanic. Well they do, if you watch the arms just like normal vaal, but the projectiles he fires are harder to dodge imo and they still deal "okaish" dps.



Edit :

and what do you mean by 100% immortal call up? I have mine on cast when damage taken. Should I actually cast it myself?

Yes. And make sure you can cast again before it runs out, makes the second phase cheesy.
It is not easy to realize the monster in yourself, truly it is not easy to create purposefully.
It is easy to realize the virtue in yourself, truly it is easy to destroy.
Contemplate which is worth your time.
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Whats a good approx. minimum Life / Armor that an RF build should have before trying it?
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What are yours sitting at? On my RF I run PoF, Vitality and Determination with 5.9k hp and 12k armour without Kaoms. I did a respec to get 7 endurance charges, making it pretty face roll with an 8 second + enduring cry. If you have about that or more, it'd be pretty easy. I'm duo farming dom until kaoms drops or I can buy one! Good luck, make sure you have something like searing bond + empower + incr burn for the add phase, or you don't have enough DPS. I can hook you up with some tips when I get home tonight! I'll watch the thread.
Determination? I've been using Grace. Which is better?

With Kaoms I have:

6200 Life
7200 Armor
92% fire res
78% cold res
78% light res
just the base 3 endurance charges

And then:

234% IIR
55% IIQ

If my above stats are not high enough, I could always switch out some IIR/IIQ items for more life/armor, but I really do like seeing a lot of shit drop so I'd like to keep if possible.

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IIR/Q are worthless for Atziri. Switching all gear to super high life and armour/evasion. I have about 7000 base too and I get up to about 13k with determination. You can probably hit 6.8k hp or more and 15-18k armour which is easy. Make sure you self cast enduring cry and immortal call while interspersing an occasional frenzy to keep charges up. The 2nd fight will be tricky, but if you do the 2nd and atziri right, you'll be fine. The first will be easy as long as you mainly avoid the frenzy and lightning balls. If you can use brightbeak and have something to cull, it's even better. Just remember that the Vaal Fallen between can fuck you up.
Update after my 1st attempt:

- I killed the first Vaal thing easy enough, but for some reason the 2nd one killed me 4 times. Everytime he shot that red laser I would die. I ran in circles, ran away, did anything I could, but couldn't avoid being hit. When he did start shooting it, I was 2 shotted.

Any tips to get past the Vaal guys without dying?

- The 2nd set, those 3 unique guys killed me once, then I killed one of them, but then died again and my fight was over. I feel like it was the one with the rain of arrows that hurt me the most. The fight happened so fast I couldn't tell who was shooting what. Which one is rain of arrows? I'll try to pick that one off first next time.

Also I think when I do it again, I think I'll try enfeeble next time instead of elemental weakness.

So basic tips I'm hearing:

1) I should find replacements for all my IIR/IIQ gear and go all life/armor.

2) I should use determination instead of Grace

3) I should self cast immortal cry, and maybe even start using Frenzy

After those 3 unique guys, what's after that?
Enfeeble and frenzy if a blood dance based build. You should have a shock removal flask and switch to blood dance for regen from frenzies. You NEED high lightning res. if you have 94%+ fire res, use saffells and get lightning res! Self cast enduring cry so you constantly have max charges. Go into second fight with full endurance charges, pop immortal call and run in. Kill thrower -> cyclone -> firestriker. Your goal is to kill in the corners as they spread chaos pools. They are pretty easy if you kill the thrower in middle and the run in circles. If you sit on all 3 at once and frenzy on her, you can kill them in the proper order without having to kite that one. You might want to use dual kaom's sign so you can get 5 charges and sustain immortal call. Atziri is after. The trick with her is to dodge everything and have an auxiliary 5-10k DPS skill to deal with add phase, a totem for casting curses (curses reflect) and self-cast EE. With that and proper fighting techniques, it's doable. I can stream a run so you can see a RF do it without super op gear. I might have a friend come along so I have enough DPS for Atziri.

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