My Fireball/CI/Crit build sucks... Help?

Hello all,

I feel like I've hit a wall with this build. Not sure if it's because my gear sucks or I'm just focusing on the wrong things... Can someone supply some advice? I'm trying to make a build based around Fireball and crit. Not sure what else I can do beyond that. I was also open to Incinerate.

I should probably mention I started off as an Arc build but I've heard Arc is a terrible skill so I had to retool my skill tree to go into fire magic.

Here's my character:

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A lot of things to say here:

You need way more energy shield on your gear. At least 300+ on your body Armour and around 200+ on your shield 500+ and 300+ would be something you want to aim for. You want at least 1000 energy shield on all your gear pieces together to feel remotely safe going CI.

If you want to use fireball and firestorm, use fireball as a single target skill and Firestorm as an AOE spell Using life leech on yor fireball together with the Ghostreaver keystone would also give you much better survivability.

Fireball - Faster Casting - Life leech - Concentrated effect

Firestorm - Faster Casting - Increased area of effect - Concentrated effect

You could add fire penetration if you have a 5 link

Use bloodrage, you will gain Cast speed due to frenzy charges, with no penalty.

Make sure your resists are maxed at all times.

Use pots against freeze, stun and bleeding. You might actually search for some gear pieces that make you immune to freeze or Stun.

Going CI is pretty difficult for a character with not so good gear, this would be a decent passive tree:
Thank you! :)

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